2019-09-07 Christoph Helmagsfonts for R plots added master
2019-09-06 Christoph Helmaswagger removed development 1.4.2
2019-09-05 Christoph Helmadatabase prepopulation with PubChem CId's, permission...
2019-09-04 Christoph Helmabatch mode disabled, lazar-gui gem path and permissions... 1.4.1
2019-09-03 Christoph Helmadevelopment merged, git links in fixed 1.4.0
2019-09-03 Christoph Helmadocker installation as gem, links with port numbers... prerelease
2019-08-30 Christoph HelmaDockerfile and start script added
2019-08-29 Christoph Helmaall also_reload calls removed
2019-08-29 Christoph Helmaanother reload_also statement removed from production
2019-08-29 Christoph Helmaimproved production settings
2019-08-29 Christoph Helmadirect gem requirements in instead of Bundler...
2019-08-29 Christoph Helmagem prerelease version 1.4.0.pre.0.gem triple_data_entries
2019-08-16 gebelechange hostname method
2019-08-09 gebeledo not delete batch tr_dataset if one of model tr_datas...
2019-08-08 gebeleensure dataset parser errors not hidden in a task;...
2019-08-06 gebelestart render task after file processing is finished
2019-08-05 gebeleunset and delete js var
2019-08-05 gebeleensure xhr requests are https to avoid mixed content...
2019-08-02 gebeleoptimize upload task with wait for dataset id
2019-08-02 gebelerefresh batch dataset in task wait loop
2019-08-01 gebeleintroduce task for upload and parse to dataset
2019-07-29 gebeleoptimize batch table size; mute task progress js functions
2019-07-25 gebeleadd API link; no plots for git
2019-07-19 gebelerefined confusion matrixes
2019-07-18 gebeleremoved awstats;model details without separation button...
2019-07-16 gebeleuse png format for plots avoiding css overwrite from...
2019-07-15 gebeleadd plots with div toggles
2019-07-12 gebeleuse wait animation instead approx prediction time
2019-07-12 gebeleassume approx prediction time
2019-07-12 gebelekill task pid if page is reloaded
2019-07-11 gebelesimplify js code;reorder js code;
2019-07-11 gebelemoved form js functions to lazar-gui.js
2019-07-10 gebelemoved batch js functions to lazar-gui.js
2019-07-10 gebeleadjust approx task time
2019-07-10 gebeleensure correct response content-type
2019-07-05 gebelelinks for ppv and npv;fixed overflow in modal
2019-07-05 gebelereorder validation statistics
2019-07-04 gebeleregex for tpr tnr
2019-06-27 gebeleuse accept value for rates
2019-06-27 gebeleall cv values for classification models
2019-06-27 gebeleuse prediction to csv;edit info text
2019-06-18 gebelereturn training dataset from source
2019-06-18 gebeleupdate routes and mime type and generate server uri...
2019-06-17 gebeleshow only last warning
2019-06-17 gebeleadd PubChem links for compound cid
2019-06-17 gebelefixed table in model details
2019-06-14 gebelereordered validation stats
2019-06-14 gebelesimplify routes
2019-06-13 gebeleupdate with API
2019-05-29 gebeleremoved comment
2019-05-28 gebelebefore clean up
2018-12-04 gebeleadded descriptors list to API
2018-12-04 gebeleremove batch from API
2018-12-03 gebelefixed csv download;added analytics and batch files
2018-11-26 gebeleupdate merge ORN
2018-11-26 gebeleclean out; better response codes; prepare for batch
2018-10-26 gebeleupdated readme
2018-10-26 gebeleupdated readme
2018-10-26 gebeleupdate service test
2018-09-27 Christoph HelmaFAQ updated
2018-08-27 gebelereactivate popover
2018-08-27 gebeleupdated to bs 4
2018-08-27 gebeleupdated to bs 4
2018-07-20 gebelereordered;added valtypes enum;
2018-07-05 gebeleupdated with endpoint list; refined error handling...
2018-06-28 gebeleupdated API and request path handling
2018-06-12 gebelefixed api content types
2018-06-12 gebeleadjust link;add logo route
2018-06-11 gebeleadjust gem paths
2018-06-11 gebelecombine gui with rest
2018-04-09 gebelebumped version v1.3.1
2018-04-04 gebelefixed tab headers in width
2018-04-04 gebeleupdated gem service commands
2018-04-04 gebeleupdated readme
2018-04-04 gebeleupdated readme
2018-04-04 gebeleshow warnings
2018-04-03 gebelefixed name of prediction model
2018-04-03 gebelefixed merge from development
2018-04-03 gebelefollow up master
2018-04-03 gebeleversion bump;caret documentation fix
2018-03-20 gebeleupdated faq and qmrf report
2017-12-14 gebelechanged info text rebuilding models
2017-09-21 gebelechanged model order;added analytics
2017-09-21 gebelebumped version because added TD50 models and refined...
2017-08-14 gebelefixed qmrf publications order
2017-08-09 gebeledisable batch prediction for public service
2017-08-09 gebeleconsistent error handling
2017-08-09 gebeleqmrf report to lib
2017-08-08 gebelefixes for batch and qmrf
2017-07-31 gebeleintroduce batch predictions and QMRF for public service...
2017-05-16 gebelefixed cite text and version v1.1.3
2017-05-08 gebeleupdated jsme;warnings;info
2017-05-04 gebelefixed merge from master
2017-05-04 gebelebumped version;adjustments for updated lazar library
2017-02-08 gebeleadjust required lazar version
2017-02-08 gebelechanged LAZAR_ENV
2017-01-20 gebelebumped version
2017-01-20 gebelefixed view for single value probability
2017-01-16 gebeleissue fixes;added faq
2017-01-16 gebelemerged development 1.1.1