version 1.2.0
[lazar] / ext /
2019-08-24 Christoph Helmaefsa.csv restored, plyr R package added
2019-08-24 Christoph HelmaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2019-06-20 Christoph Helmaseparate csv serialisations for batch predictions and...
2018-11-16 helma@in-silico.chreal datasets for testing, test data cleanup, Daphnia...
2018-11-14 helma@in-silico.chpublic model validation, updated documentation
2016-12-20 gebeleMerge branch 'development' 1.0.0
2016-12-12 gebelemerged development
2016-12-08 Christoph Helmamerged origin/development
2016-12-08 Christoph HelmaOpenTox::Validation::RepeatedCrossValidation fixed...
2016-06-03 Christoph Helmarandom forest regression
2016-05-12 Christoph Helmaenm study import fixed
2016-05-09 Christoph Helmadevelopment branch merged v0.9.3
2016-04-21 Christoph Helmaprobabilities branch merged
2016-04-11 gebele fixed check check for R packages
2016-04-08 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'development' into nano
2016-04-07 Christoph Helmacheck if R packages are correctly installed
2016-04-04 gebelelast commit doesnt work this way
2016-04-04 gebelelast commit doesnt work this way
2016-04-04 gebeleadded rserve here
2016-04-04 gebeleavoid rserve check at this point
2016-03-31 Christoph Helmalazar gem, version bumped to 0.9
2016-03-24 Christoph Helmalocal R package installation
2016-03-21 gebeleadded install script for R packages, updated README...
2016-03-14 Christoph Helmadescriptor tests
2016-03-14 Christoph Helmagetconf for number of cores
2015-10-08 Christoph Helmanew master branch
2015-08-19 Christoph HelmaMakefile fixed
2015-08-19 Christoph Helmaext/lazar/Makefile added
2015-08-19 Christoph Helmadummy Makefile for ext/lazar/extconf.rb
2015-08-19 Christoph Helmahydrogens added for 3d generation
2015-08-19 Christoph Helmaob_{include|lib} paths fixed
2015-08-19 Christoph Helmalibfminer rpath fixed, installation instructions
2015-08-18 chinitial installation fixes, installs on Debian 3.16.7
2015-08-18 Christoph Helmafirst attempt at installing openbabel from github
2015-08-15 Christoph Helmaopenbabel and fminer installation added
2015-08-15 Christoph Helmainitial installation script