PubChem classification download
[lazar] / lib / lazar.rb
2018-11-12 helma@in-silico.chPubChem classification download
2018-10-30 helma@in-silico.chtests fixed
2018-10-24 helma@in-silico.chdataset map feature_classes
2018-10-10 helma@in-silico.chdataset tests fixed
2018-10-10 helma@in-silico.chmore differentiated feature classes
2018-04-03 gebelemerge development v1.1.1
2018-01-15 gebeleadded R packages test
2017-08-14 gebelebumped version
2017-06-09 gebeleadded addressable gem to avoid URI::InvalidURIError
2017-05-26 gebeleMerge branch 'master' of
2017-03-16 gebeleMerge branch 'master' into development
2017-03-16 gebeledetect and use a central mongodb
2016-12-12 gebelemerged development
2016-10-06 Christoph Helmanano caret regression fixed
2016-10-05 Christoph Helmasubstance and nanoparticle model creation and predictions
2016-06-03 Christoph Helmarandom forest regression
2016-05-31 Christoph Helmacleanup of validation modules/classes
2016-05-13 Christoph Helmacompound tests fixed
2016-05-12 Christoph Helmaenm study import fixed
2016-05-09 Christoph Helmadevelopment branch merged v0.9.3
2016-05-07 Christoph Helma-log10 for regression datasets, test cleanups
2016-05-06 Christoph Helmadataset tests cleanup
2016-04-21 Christoph Helmaprobabilities branch merged
2016-04-13 Christoph Helmaimproved enm import
2016-04-13 Christoph Helmavalidation tests pass
2016-04-12 Christoph Helmanew dataset structure
2016-04-08 Christoph Helmaenm import test
2016-04-08 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'development' into nano
2016-04-07 Christoph Helmainitial ambit import
2016-04-04 gebelelast commit doesnt work this way
2016-04-04 gebeleload local r packages
2016-03-31 Christoph Helmalazar gem, version bumped to 0.9
2016-03-30 gebeleensure pls package is loaded
2016-03-24 Christoph Helmalocal R package installation
2016-03-15 Christoph Helmasingle tests pass
2016-03-14 Christoph Helmadescriptor tests
2016-03-14 Christoph Helmagetconf for number of cores
2016-03-14 Christoph Helmafolds split on unique compounds instead of data entries
2016-02-28 Christoph Helmaphyschem feature class
2016-02-27 Christoph Helmalocal pls regression as default regression algorithm fminer
2016-02-09 Christoph Helmapls regression
2015-11-09 Christoph Helmaleave one out validation implemented
2015-10-08 Christoph Helmanew environment variable LAZAR_ENV for databases and...
2015-10-08 Christoph Helmanew master branch
2015-10-08 Christoph Helmacrossvalidation plots, original classification confidence
2015-09-18 gebeleMerge branch 'development' of
2015-09-17 Christoph Helmaneighbor calculation moved to Compound class
2015-09-16 Christoph Helmarepeated crossvalidations, improved experiment reports
2015-08-26 Christoph HelmaParallel Crossvalidations
2015-08-25 Christoph HelmaExperiments added
2015-08-24 Christoph HelmaModel::Prediction with tests, initial indexes v0.0.8
2015-08-20 Christoph Helmacrossvalidation fixes v0.0.7
2015-08-19 Christoph Helmalibfminer rpath fixed, installation instructions
2015-08-18 chinitial installation fixes, installs on Debian 3.16.7
2015-08-13 Christoph HelmaOpenBabel can (canonical smiles) instead of inchi as...
2015-08-10 Christoph Helmaalgorithm libraries added, fminer tests pass
2015-08-10 Christoph Helmatransfer to new git project started