version 1.2.0
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2019-08-24 Christoph HelmaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/development'
2019-07-16 gebelealways render new correlation plot; keep same handling...
2019-07-12 gebelefixed, probability plot format was not taken from param...
2019-06-27 gebelefixed confidence value for cv stats; added tests
2019-06-21 Christoph Helmameasurement added for single neighbors triples_data_entries
2019-06-21 Christoph Helmatest_from_csv2 fixed, prefer merged_feature and transfo...
2019-06-20 Christoph Helmaseparate csv serialisations for batch predictions and...
2018-11-16 helma@in-silico.chconfidence for prediction datasets
2018-11-16 helma@in-silico.chminor test fixes
2018-11-16 helma@in-silico.chreal datasets for testing, test data cleanup, Daphnia...
2018-11-14 helma@in-silico.chbad_request_error substituted with ArgumentError
2018-11-14 helma@in-silico.chpublic model validation, updated documentation
2018-11-13 helma@in-silico.chpublic dataset download
2018-11-12 helma@in-silico.chMutagenicity download
2018-11-12 helma@in-silico.chPubChem classification download
2018-11-06 helma@in-silico.chsdf export fixed
2018-11-02 helma@in-silico.chwarnings fixed, cleanup
2018-10-31 helma@in-silico.chpubchem import for openrisknet
2018-10-30 helma@in-silico.chdataset merge
2018-10-30 helma@in-silico.chtests fixed
2018-10-30 helma@in-silico.chregression feature names fixed
2018-10-29 helma@in-silico.chdataset predictions fixed
2018-10-29 helma@in-silico.chdataset folds fixed
2018-10-25 helma@in-silico.chdataset merge
2018-10-24 helma@in-silico.chdataset tests fixed
2018-10-24 helma@in-silico.chdataset map feature_classes
2018-10-12 helma@in-silico.chvalidation statistic fixes
2018-10-11 helma@in-silico.chinitial dataset batch prediction
2018-10-10 helma@in-silico.chdataset tests fixed
2018-10-10 helma@in-silico.chcompound name resolution from pubchem, chembl disabled
2018-10-10 helma@in-silico.chmore differentiated feature classes
2018-10-09 helma@in-silico.chtentative random forest classification: hangs unpredict... mutanew
2018-10-07 helma@in-silico.chdataset merge with feature/value maps
2018-10-05 helma@in-silico.chpartial pubchem classification import
2018-10-05 helma@in-silico.chsdf import, csv files with id column
2018-09-17 helma@in-silico.chsmiles as identifier for sdf export
2018-09-06 helma@in-silico.chadjusted classification similarities, dataset sdf export
2018-08-21 gebeleMerge branch 'development' v10-nestec
2018-08-14 helma@in-silico.chclassification min_sim=0.5, 5 repeated cvs
2018-07-26 gebeleadd positive delog method
2018-04-27 gebelefixed version path
2018-04-27 gebelefixed version path
2018-04-26 gebeleMerge branch 'development'
2018-04-26 gebeleadd git or gem versioning to model
2018-04-03 gebelemerge development v1.1.1
2018-01-15 gebeleadded R packages test
2017-08-14 gebelebumped version
2017-08-08 gebeleadded model field for qmrf metadata
2017-06-30 gebeleconsistend use of RestClientWrapper to import datasets
2017-06-09 gebeleadded addressable gem to avoid URI::InvalidURIError
2017-05-26 gebeleMerge branch 'development'
2017-05-26 gebeleMerge branch 'master' of
2017-05-22 gebelefix for lower min sim threshold
2017-05-05 gebeleadded warnings field for leave-one-out test fails
2017-05-04 gebelecleanup and hack for mongos file size limit
2017-05-04 gebeleensure always two probability values for classification
2017-05-04 gebeleensure warnings for validation statistics
2017-03-31 gebeleset default min sim to 0.1 for classification and 0...
2017-03-21 gebelefixed endless loop; rescue for missing neighbors
2017-03-16 gebeleMerge branch 'master' into development
2017-03-16 gebeledetect and use a central mongodb
2017-03-16 gebeleMerge branch 'development' of
2017-03-16 gebeleloael edit
2017-03-03 gebeleMerge branch 'master' into development
2017-02-20 Christoph Helmaworst predictions fixed for regression nano-lazar-paper.revision
2017-02-18 Christoph Helmafixed header for nano-lazar correlation plots
2017-01-19 gebeleadded TODO for missing descriptor
2017-01-19 gebelefixed feature test and unique_descriptors
2017-01-18 gebelefixed merge
2017-01-16 gebelemerge development
2017-01-12 Christoph Helmasource uris for core and coating
2017-01-11 Christoph Helmadocumentation for all classes
2017-01-11 Christoph Helmatraining test set validation documentation
2017-01-11 Christoph HelmaLOO documentation
2017-01-11 Christoph Helmavalidation documentation
2017-01-11 Christoph Helmamodel documentation updated
2017-01-10 Christoph Helmamodel documentation
2017-01-10 Christoph Helmainitial model documentation
2017-01-10 Christoph Helmaindependent_variables stored in GridFS to avoid Mongo...
2016-12-20 gebeleMerge branch 'development' 1.0.0
2016-12-20 Christoph Helmatrue_rate, predictivity stored in crossvalidation nano-lazar-paper.submission
2016-12-18 Christoph Helmamodena import modifications removed
2016-12-12 Christoph Helma5 repeated cvs for enm
2016-12-12 Christoph Helmamodena import workarounds
2016-12-12 gebelemerged development
2016-12-08 Christoph Helmamerged origin/development
2016-12-08 Christoph HelmaOpenTox::Validation::RepeatedCrossValidation fixed...
2016-12-06 gebelefull class name required
2016-11-25 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'development' of
2016-11-25 Christoph Helmaalgorithms accessor for Model::Validation
2016-11-23 gebeleadded delog10;generalized mmol2-log10 eNM
2016-11-11 Christoph Helmap-chem regression and enm import fixed
2016-11-11 Christoph Helmaenm import fixed
2016-11-10 Christoph HelmaModel::NanoPrediction parameters
2016-11-10 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'development' of
2016-11-10 Christoph Helmaintermediate commit, may be defunct
2016-11-10 gebeleMerge branch 'development' of
2016-11-10 gebeleadded nanomodel create
2016-11-08 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'development' of
2016-11-08 Christoph Helmaprobability plot for classification