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2017-02-16 Christoph Helmafinal models, rf, sim 0.5 and 0.1
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2017-02-14 Christoph Helmapls models, sim 0.5, no weighted average
2017-02-14 Christoph Helmarf models, similarity 0.1
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2017-02-09 Christoph Helmadirectories restructured
2016-03-04 Christoph Helmaprediction interval, discussion
2016-03-02 Christoph Helmarepeated crossvalidations
2016-03-01 Christoph Helmafunctional groups with threshold 25
2016-03-01 Christoph Helmapls regression with caret tune
2016-03-01 Christoph Helmasvm regression with caret tune, no crossvalidation
2016-02-29 Christoph Helmalocal_fingerprint_regression with svm radial basis
2016-02-29 Christoph Helmalocal_fingerprint_regression with pls (reference)
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2015-10-08 Christoph Helmaupdated models with repeated crossvalidation
2015-09-01 gebeleNOAL removed; endpoint description added
2015-08-28 Christoph Helmainitial Nestec data
2015-08-27 Christoph HelmaInitial GUI for Nestec models
2015-08-26 davorAdded RAT TD50 training, test, feature datasets
2015-08-26 davorAdded Mouse TD50 training, test, feature datasets
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