2017-08-09 gebeledeleted obsolete files master
2017-08-09 gebeleremerged from eNM project to opentox
2017-07-03 gebeleMerge branch 'master' of
2017-07-03 gebeleadded DOI
2017-01-18 gebelefixed gemspec license
2017-01-18 gebeleremoved x similarity
2017-01-18 gebelerefined dbhit
2017-01-17 gebeleenable multiple coating;better way for dbhit
2017-01-16 gebeleadded version to mailto subject
2017-01-16 gebeleadded version to mailto subject
2017-01-16 gebeleadjusted possible input by core
2017-01-13 gebeleupdate for version 1.0.0; added fingerprint model and...
2016-11-10 gebeleversion bump;units;general class update;sort by
2016-10-31 gebeleupdated README; added service commands for the gem
2016-10-31 gebeleremoved obsolete files
2016-10-31 gebeleremoved obsolete code
2016-10-12 gebelestage save for transmission
2016-09-23 gebeleadded physchem descriptors link to bioportal bioontology
2016-09-23 gebeleexample selection by training dataset and relevant...
2016-09-23 gebelestage commit before tablesorter theme fix; deactivated...
2016-09-22 gebeleselect list core; sorted pcp
2016-09-22 gebeleadded Ag
2016-09-20 gebelechanged for two model selection
2016-06-10 gebeleadded version and share buttons
2016-06-10 gebelebumped version
2016-05-04 gebeleadded license to GUI
2016-05-04 gebeleharmonized header
2016-05-04 gebeleharmonized header
2016-02-08 Christoph HelmaGPL3 license added
2016-02-08 Christoph HelmaGPL3 license added
2016-02-03 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'master' of
2016-02-03 Christoph Helma106 typo fixed
2016-02-03 gebelechanged ambit uri
2016-02-03 rautenbergGoogle Analytics are added see:
2016-02-02 Christoph Helmauris fixed
2016-02-02 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'master' of
2016-02-02 gebelefinal adjustments, issue tracker link
2016-02-01 gebeletop scroll, tox colum changes, added ID links
2016-02-01 Christoph Helmaworkshop presentation improved
2016-02-01 gebelemoved presentation to public folder
2016-02-01 gebelecleaned up files. added presentation
2016-02-01 gebeleupdated with latest/master nano-lazar reository
2016-02-01 gebelechanged theme for cross browser compatibility (FF,...
2016-01-31 gebeleupdated layout. works with FF,Chrome
2016-01-29 gebeleremoved sticky headers through cross browser problems...
2016-01-29 gebelecombined layout, sorted descriptors
2016-01-29 Christoph Helmainternal calculation of difference features prediction
2016-01-28 gebelerestyled prediction table
2016-01-26 gebeleenable sticky table headers for match
2016-01-23 gebelefixed view if no value
2016-01-22 gebelerefined prediction
2016-01-22 gebelestyle enhancement
2016-01-22 Christoph Helmarendered workshop presentation
2016-01-22 gebeleinitial commit
2016-01-22 Christoph Helmaworkshop presentation, enm source data added again
2016-01-22 Christoph Helmaexample with relevant features only
2016-01-21 Christoph Helmafeature selection added
2016-01-20 Christoph Helmaenm import removed
2016-01-20 Christoph Helmaold lib, data removed
2016-01-20 Christoph HelmaSinatra app skeleton with predictions
2016-01-20 Christoph HelmaSinatra app skeleton
2016-01-16 Christoph Helmafeatures with unique values removed
2016-01-14 Christoph Helmaendpoint counts
2016-01-14 Christoph Helmainitial import