2019-06-21 Christoph Helmaopenbabel version fixed master
2019-06-21 Christoph HelmaJSON disabled because of compilation problems
2016-03-30 Christoph Helmarequire path fixed
2016-03-30 Christoph Helmauses master branch from
2015-07-24 Christoph Helmagem version bump
2015-07-24 Christoph Helma'Config' replaced with 'RbConfig' in OpenBabel source...
2013-06-24 Christoph Helmaupdate for version 2.3.2, local installation fixed...
2013-05-07 Andreas MaunzPushed version v2.3.1.9
2013-04-30 Katsuhiko NishimraLoadpath workaround
2013-04-30 Katsuhiko NishimraUse OpenBabel::VERISON to build gem
2013-04-29 Katsuhiko NishimraDefine OpenBabel::VERSION,GEMVERSION
2013-04-29 Katsuhiko Nishimra-Wl,-flat_namespace workaround
2013-04-29 Katsuhiko NishimraUse running ruby executable to compile the binding
2013-04-29 Katsuhiko NishimraUse Kernel.system instead of `command`
2012-11-06 Andreas MaunzMerge pull request #2 from ktns/macosx
2012-10-27 Katsuhiko NishimraGenerate Makefile with extconf.rb
2012-10-26 Katsuhiko NishimraRead output file extension from RbConfig::CONFIG["DLEXT"]
2012-10-26 Katsuhiko NishimraBSD sed workaround
2012-10-26 Katsuhiko NishimraUse have_library method in mkmf library to detect openb...
2012-09-04 Andreas MaunzVersion number increased v2.3.1.6
2012-09-04 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'master' of
2012-09-04 Andreas MaunzAdded pkg-config support
2012-08-21 Christoph Helmaversion number increased v2.3.1.5
2012-08-21 Christoph Helmaldconfig path fixed
2012-08-20 Christoph Helmasearch for openbabel libraries instead of executable v2.3.1.4
2012-08-20 Christoph HelmaREDME updated v2.3.1.3
2012-08-20 Christoph HelmaOpenBabel compiled if OpenBabel is not installed
2012-06-19 Andreas MaunzMerge pull request #1 from baoilleach/patch-1
2012-06-19 baoilleachCorrect authorship.
2012-03-29 Andreas MaunzAdded openbabel lib as dependency in README
2012-03-29 Andreas Maunzfirst commit