Fixed confidence for cosine similarity
[opentox-ruby] / lib / model.rb
2012-09-12 Andreas MaunzFixed confidence for cosine similarity
2012-07-13 rautenbergMerge branch 'release/v3.2.0' v4.0.0
2012-05-15 davorMerge branch 'master' into development
2012-04-23 mguetleinMerge branch 'development' of
2012-04-19 David VorgrimmlerManual merge with development.
2012-04-13 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'jl' into pc_unified_from_jl
2012-04-13 ot5Fix: verbose prediction ds for Substructure.lookup jl
2012-04-12 Andreas MaunzMajor bug fixed: order of compounds was unsure in trans...
2012-04-11 Andreas Maunzpc_type and lib autodetection from feature dataset
2012-04-05 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'jl' into pc_unified_from_jl
2012-04-05 davorMerge commit '1111dbc2f0751802c63dd42f120d4cc64e4cc4d6...
2012-04-04 Andreas MaunzSupporint lookup
2012-03-13 rautenbergMerge branch 'release/v3.1.0' into development
2012-03-13 rautenbergpre v3.1.0
2012-02-28 mguetleinMerge branch 'development' of
2012-02-21 mradd subjectids for a&a
2012-02-09 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'pc_new_1' into development
2012-02-09 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'development' into pc_new_1
2012-01-31 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'caret' into pc_new_1
2012-01-30 Andreas MaunzSVM: use only caret, switch via R factors caret
2012-01-20 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'pc_new_1' of
2012-01-20 Andreas MaunzAdd new parameter, min_train_performance, which control...
2012-01-15 davorAdded SVM parameter search
2012-01-13 davorFixed error message
2012-01-13 davortransform.rb: fixed debug message
2012-01-10 davorParameter clean-up
2012-01-02 davorModel Transformation
2011-12-30 davorFixed bugs in Substructure.lookup
2011-12-29 davorMerge branch 'new_pc_dv' into pc_new_1
2011-12-28 davorRemoved parameter
2011-12-28 davorCleaned Weighted Majority Vote
2011-12-28 davorPrecalculation of data
2011-12-23 davorAdded switch for Substructure.lookup
2011-12-23 davorAdded pc_type to model
2011-12-23 davorAdded feature calculation algorithm "lookup"
2011-12-23 davorCleaned code
2011-12-23 davorRemoved Logger
2011-12-22 davorSimplified nr_hits and added Substructure.match_hits
2011-12-16 davorRemoved censoring based on all values (min_max)
2011-12-16 davorMerged PC developments
2011-12-16 davorMerge branch 'numeric' of
2011-11-16 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'development' into numeric
2011-11-16 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'development' into numeric
2011-11-08 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'development' into numeric
2011-11-08 Andreas MaunzRemoved transformer
2011-09-23 mrMerge branch 'release/v3.0.0' v3.0.0
2011-08-26 Christoph Helmayaml_hosts changed to json_hosts
2011-08-25 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'feature/json' into development
2011-08-25 Christoph Helmajson store for models
2011-08-22 Christoph Helmardfxml of prediction features fixed
2011-08-22 mguetleinMerge branch 'development' of
2011-08-17 mrMerge branch 'development' of
2011-08-17 mrA&A add missing subjectids
2011-08-13 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'development' of
2011-08-08 michaMerge remote branch 'origin/development' v2.1.0
2011-08-08 Christoph Helmamissing value_map for regression database activity...
2011-08-04 mrMerge branch 'release/v2.1.0'
2011-08-03 dvMerge branch 'reg_min_max' into development
2011-08-03 dvMerge branch 'development' into reg_min_max
2011-08-03 dvremoved comments
2011-08-03 mguetleinMerge branch 'development' of
2011-08-02 mradd missing subjectid
2011-08-02 dvIndent
2011-08-02 dvchanges
2011-08-01 dvMerge branch 'development' into reg_min_max
2011-08-01 dvadded min-max
2011-07-28 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'development' of
2011-07-28 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'development' of
2011-07-28 Andreas MaunzGeneralized routines 'predicted_variables' and 'from_rdf'
2011-07-28 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'development' into feature/sdf-import
2011-07-27 dvMerge branch 'development' of
2011-07-27 dvAdded feature title in result dataset (for ToxPredict)
2011-07-21 Andreas MaunzAdded conf_stdev switch
2011-07-21 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'hits' into development
2011-07-21 Andreas MaunzAdded nr_hits for regression gram matrix
2011-07-20 dvChanged fingerprint as add_neightbor argument to
2011-07-20 Andreas MaunzFixed nr_hits to bool
2011-07-20 dvMerge branch 'support' into development
2011-07-20 dvmodified arguments in add_neighbor,removed comments
2011-07-20 dvMerge branch 'development' into support
2011-07-19 dvadded p_sum_support
2011-07-19 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'development' into reg_conf reg_conf
2011-07-19 dvsaving
2011-07-19 dvMerge with dev and some changes
2011-07-15 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'unify' into development
2011-07-15 Andreas MaunzUnified interface to algorithms
2011-07-14 Andreas MaunzCleanup
2011-07-14 Andreas MaunzRemoved balancing
2011-07-14 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'log_mlr' into development balanced
2011-07-14 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'development' into log_mlr
2011-07-14 Andreas MaunzAdded Transform support in model
2011-07-12 dvmerged to recent dev branch
2011-07-11 mguetleinadd waiting task for lazar model building
2011-07-11 dvchanges for support
2011-07-08 Andreas MaunzAdded log10 Transform
2011-07-08 Andreas MaunzTransform should have happened before
2011-07-04 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'mlr' into development
2011-07-04 Andreas MaunzMLR integration finished
2011-06-24 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'multi' into development
2011-06-24 amRestored compatibility behavior: guessing true/false...