2012-06-26 rautenbergfix get uri list master
2012-06-26 rautenbergfix variable mixup
2012-05-30 gebeleenabled zip upload to update existing investigation...
2012-05-08 rautenbergcheck metadata via RestClientWrapper at /id/metadata
2012-05-07 rautenbergMerge branch 'release/v0.0.3' v0.0.3
2012-05-07 gebeleremoved
2012-05-07 gebeleadded variable uri
2012-05-07 gebeleremove rdf_check
2012-05-07 gebeleadd urilist
2012-05-07 gebeleinclude rdf_check
2012-05-07 gebeleMerge branch 'development' of
2012-05-07 gebelechanged uri
2012-05-07 gebelechanged uri
2012-05-07 gebeleupdate valid test data/add rdf_check
2012-05-07 gebeleupdate valid test data/add rdf_check
2012-05-07 gebelerequired opentox-server
2012-05-03 gebeletests rdf content with TB specific fields
2012-04-25 Christoph Helmatests for feature service added
2012-04-23 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'development' of
2012-04-20 gebeletest E_MTAB
2012-04-20 gebelemore content/resources
2012-04-19 gebeleinspect rdf content
2012-04-16 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'development' of
2012-04-16 rautenbergadapt tests: deleted investigations have no policies
2012-04-13 rautenbergdelete investigation after tests
2012-04-13 rautenbergputs service URI for manual and nightly test
2012-04-13 rautenbergchange fixed variables to globals in test.rb configurat...
2012-04-10 rautenbergadd test for default policy xml template
2012-04-02 gebeletest with changed graph
2012-04-02 Christoph as single test
2012-04-02 Christoph added
2012-04-02 Christoph Helmanew toxbank investigation added
2012-03-30 rautenbergcomment uri overwrite
2012-03-30 rautenbergresolve merge
2012-03-30 rautenbergchange 404 test
2012-03-29 Christoph Helmatoxbank tests fixed and renamed
2012-03-29 Christoph Helmanot_found_error test for inexisting metadata
2012-03-29 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'master' of
2012-03-29 Christoph Helmaincorrect resultURI test removed until uri checking...
2012-03-28 rautenbergremove overmuch subjectid
2012-03-28 rautenbergadd subjectids to upload test , resolve merge
2012-03-28 rautenbergadd subjectids to upload test
2012-03-28 rautenbergadd subjectids to dataset test
2012-03-28 Christoph Helmaexternal toxbank-investigation tests working
2012-03-27 gebelequickfix for https
2012-03-26 Christoph Helmaconfiguration settings partially fixed
2012-03-26 Christoph Helmaopentox-client and toxbank-investigation tests imported