2012-12-04 davorUpdate fminer.rb master
2012-07-16 rautenbergMerge branch 'development' v4.0.0
2012-07-13 rautenbergMerge branch 'release/v3.2.0'
2012-07-10 davorUpdated code. development
2012-06-23 David VorgrimmlerAdded random_seed param and statistics. release/v3.2.0
2012-06-20 David VorgrimmlerUpdated scripts and added comments.
2012-06-20 David VorgrimmlerAdded subjectids.
2012-06-19 David VorgrimmlerRemoved fast_embedding in test_feature_value_plot
2012-06-19 David VorgrimmlerAdjusted r-urils test.
2012-06-15 David VorgrimmlerAdded min_frequency search.
2012-06-13 David VorgrimmlerAdded bbrc-sampling test scripts.
2012-06-12 David VorgrimmlerMinor modification.
2012-06-11 David VorgrimmlerAdded test_match_pValue and fixed test_match
2012-06-06 David VorgrimmlerModified lazar test.
2012-06-06 David VorgrimmlerModified fminer tests.
2012-04-20 David VorgrimmlerMerge branch 'jl' into development
2012-04-10 rautenbergfix RuntimeError: 'headers are no hash' in dataset...
2012-04-02 mguetleinadd metadata to calls, add test for k-fold-split method
2012-03-20 mguetleinenable multithread test for dataset
2012-03-20 mguetleindataset.rb merged
2012-03-20 mguetleinadding dataset multithread test that fails - outcommented
2012-03-13 rautenbergMerge branch 'release/v3.1.0' into development
2012-03-13 rautenbergMerge branch 'release/v3.1.0' v3.1.0
2012-03-13 rautenbergadd missing subjectid release/v3.1.0
2012-02-27 davorAdded script to create feature dataset. jl
2012-02-27 davorAdjusted parameter range.
2012-02-27 davorCreated all datasets on ot0 (jl branch) and updated...
2012-02-23 David VorgrimmlerFixed minor bug in csv file.
2012-02-23 Andreas MaunzAdjusted tests to jl
2012-02-21 Andreas MaunzCreated selected feature datasets (with rfe) for all...
2012-02-21 mrdelete subjectid after usage.
2012-02-20 Andreas MaunzCreated merged dataset of all pc descriptors for all...
2012-02-20 Andreas MaunzMerged selected electronic,cpsa,constitutional,topologi...
2012-02-15 davorMerge branch 'development' of github.com:opentox/test...
2012-02-15 davorUpdated result interval
2012-02-15 mruncomment code goo.gl/ybSy3 after positive test
2012-02-15 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'pc_new_1' into development
2012-02-14 Andreas MaunzAdded script to create selected feature dataset.
2012-02-14 davorAdded dependency for TestUtil and fixed test_csv.
2012-02-12 Andreas MaunzUpdated y-values of LOAEL to log(mol) pc_new_1
2012-02-11 Andreas MaunzUpdated y-values of LOAEL to log(mg)
2012-02-10 Andreas MaunzCreated new feature dataset with feature selection...
2012-02-10 Andreas MaunzRemoved missing features from feature datasets and...
2012-02-09 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'pc_new_1' into development
2012-02-09 Andreas MaunzFixed tests
2012-02-08 Andreas MaunzToggle comments
2012-02-08 Andreas MaunzUpdated LOAEL feature datasets (removed "nominal" features)
2012-02-08 Andreas MaunzAdded LOAEL data and feature csv files (feature dataset...
2012-02-08 Andreas MaunzAdded LOAEL feature datasets
2012-02-07 mguetleinadd dataframe modification test to r-util test
2012-02-01 davorUpdated and moved scripts in new folder structure
2012-01-31 davorDeleted old files
2012-01-31 davorMerge branch 'pc_new_1' of github.com:opentox/test...
2012-01-31 davorDeleted old files
2012-01-31 mguetleinextend fminer test for nr_hits match
2012-01-31 mguetleinadd test for fminer matching
2012-01-31 mguetleinremove a test if package is not installed
2012-01-31 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'pc_new_1' of github.com:opentox/test...
2012-01-31 Andreas MaunzUpdated feature dataset URIs
2012-01-31 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'pc_new_1' of github.com:opentox/test...
2012-01-31 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'caret' into pc_new_1
2012-01-31 mguetleinadd feature filtering and null-values check to dataset...
2012-01-31 Andreas MaunzAdjusted tests to new parameters (see goo.gl/lXJBS)
2012-01-30 mguetleinadjust to latest r-util changes
2012-01-30 mguetleinadd r-util tests
2012-01-30 Andreas MaunzAdded new structure for crossvalidations with backup...
2012-01-30 mguetleinfix merge test with a&a enabled
2012-01-30 mguetleinadd test for datset.merge method
2012-01-30 Andreas MaunzUsing best selection (see Nestle report)
2012-01-26 Andreas MaunzFinished variable selection
2012-01-25 Andreas MaunzFeature Selection: data sets prepared
2012-01-21 David VorgrimmlerAdded csv files of topological feature datasets
2012-01-20 Andreas MaunzUpdated tests to current version
2012-01-20 Andreas MaunzMerged MOU and MOU_pTD/ RAT and RAT_pTD
2012-01-20 Andreas MaunzAdded topological feature ds for MDD and FHM
2012-01-19 Andreas MaunzAdded corrected topologoical feature ds and test/traini...
2012-01-18 Andreas MaunzAdded feature dataset
2012-01-18 Andreas MaunzUpdated datasets_nestle.yaml: Replaced all URIs with...
2012-01-18 Andreas MaunzRemoved old datasets_nestle backup and added an new...
2012-01-18 Andreas MaunzMoved csv files
2012-01-18 Andreas MaunzAdded folder structure
2012-01-17 davorAdded MOU_pTD and RAT_pTD
2012-01-17 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'pc_new_1' of github.com:opentox/test...
2012-01-17 Andreas MaunzAdjusted tests for commit 4aafc9b30
2012-01-16 davorUpdated files
2012-01-16 davorAdded some validation tool for pc ds
2012-01-16 davorAdded feature ds for outl and improved inchi check
2012-01-16 davorAdjusted tests to commit 1aeb705
2012-01-13 davorRe-adjusted neighbors to 132
2012-01-13 davorFixed SVD test
2012-01-13 davorUpdated and checked datasets
2012-01-13 davorAdjusted tests to fingerprint fix
2012-01-10 davorAdjusted tests
2012-01-09 davorUpdated tests
2012-01-05 mguetleinfix validation-comparison-test with aa
2012-01-04 davorEnabled pcr test
2012-01-04 davorUpdated csv files and feature datasets
2012-01-03 mguetleinreplaced @@subjectid with AA_SERVER when checking for...
2012-01-03 mguetleinfix assert-rest-call-error method
2012-01-02 davorUpdated tests for PC