Merge branch 'release/v3.2.0'
[toxcreate] / model.rb
2011-10-19 mrMerge branch 'release/v3.0.1' v3.0.1
2011-10-17 mrMerge branch 'feature/endpointassignment' into development
2011-10-11 mrMerge remote branch 'origin/development' into feature...
2011-10-11 mrMerge branch 'feature/endpointassignment' of github...
2011-10-11 mrendpoint for external dataset
2011-09-23 mrMerge branch 'release/v3.0.0'
2011-08-22 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'development' of
2011-08-22 mguetleinMerge branch 'development' of
2011-08-18 mguetleinreplace weighted_auc with average_auc
2011-08-04 mrMerge branch 'release/v2.1.0'
2011-08-02 mrfix merge conflicts
2011-07-15 mrcrossvalidation confusion matrix multinominal
2011-05-23 mrMerge branch 'master' of
2011-05-23 mrMerge branch 'release/2.0.0' v2.0.0
2011-05-13 mrMerge branch 'hotfix/login_page_haml_3' into development
2011-05-05 mrMerge branch 'hotfix/fix_external_datasets_seletion...
2011-05-04 mrto_f conversion
2011-03-31 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'development' into feature/ambit-datasets
2011-03-31 mrclean merge with rautenberg
2011-03-31 mrMerge branch 'feature/merge_rautenberg_features' into...
2011-03-31 mrexternal links and several issues
2011-03-30 mrMerge branch 'feature/create_policy_after_save' into...
2011-03-30 mrcreate default policy after save
2011-03-21 mrmerge with opentox/development
2011-03-16 rootMerge branch 'development' of
2011-03-16 rootMerge branch 'hotfix/v1.0.2' into development
2011-03-16 rootMerge branch 'hotfix/v1.0.2' v1.0.2
2011-03-16 rootIssues from Vedrins tests resolved, compound rendering...
2011-03-15 mrsorting of models, created_at automation, ohm::callback
2011-03-10 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'hotfix/v1.0.1' into development
2011-03-10 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'hotfix/v1.0.1'
2011-03-10 Christoph HelmaToxCreateModel methods reactivated
2011-03-10 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'master' of
2011-03-09 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'release/v1.0.0'
2011-02-25 rootohm/redis backend
2010-12-14 mrrename token_id to subjectid
2010-12-14 mrremove token_id from tox_create_models
2010-12-09 mrA&A implementation
2010-12-06 mrmerge with helma/development
2010-11-24 Christoph Helmaopentox-ruby-api-wrapper renamed to opentox-ruby
2010-09-14 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'test' into development
2010-09-13 Christoph HelmaRDF/XML download disabled, QMRF report generation enabled
2010-08-25 Christoph Helmainitial version for quantitative features, some improve...
2010-07-20 gebelemerge fix application.rb
2010-07-19 Christoph Helmapage refresh until validation report finished
2010-07-14 Christoph Helmamodel creation working, validation report generation...
2010-07-05 Christoph Helmajavascript regexp fixed
2010-07-02 Christoph HelmaInitial regression validation display
2010-07-02 Christoph Helmaregression validation (partially) working
2010-06-29 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'master' into development
2010-06-28 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'master' into development
2010-06-25 Christoph Helmaregression initially working