2012-07-12 rautenbergMerge branch 'release/v3.2.0' master oldarch v4.0.0
2012-07-12 rautenbergswitch to opentox-ruby version 4.0.0 release/v3.2.0
2012-05-11 rautenbergMerge branch 'development'
2012-04-13 Christoph Helmadocumentation URL changed
2012-04-13 Christoph Helmadeprecation notice added
2012-03-13 rautenbergMerge branch 'release/v3.1.0' into development
2012-03-13 rautenbergMerge branch 'release/v3.1.0' v3.1.0
2012-02-29 rautenbergajax deleteing async. cancel task via api wrapper....
2012-02-15 mrfix names and synonyms link
2011-10-25 mrMerge branch 'hotfix/helpuri' into development
2011-10-25 mrMerge branch 'hotfix/helpuri'
2011-10-25 mrfix help uri with trailing slash
2011-10-19 mrMerge branch 'release/v3.0.1' into development
2011-10-19 mrMerge branch 'release/v3.0.1' v3.0.1
2011-10-19 mradd ChangeLog
2011-10-18 mrfix measured actifity
2011-10-17 mrrename endpoint subview
2011-10-17 mrpager style
2011-10-17 mrMerge branch 'feature/endpointassignment' into development
2011-10-17 mrclean code for navigation
2011-10-17 mrchange external links to js _blank | remove spaces
2011-10-17 mrmodel sorting for endpoints| pager for models
2011-10-11 mrMerge remote branch 'origin/development' into feature...
2011-10-11 mrMerge branch 'feature/endpointassignment' of github...
2011-10-11 mrendpoint for external dataset
2011-10-10 mradd endpoint to features
2011-10-04 mrrequire oprntoxruby ~> 3
2011-09-23 mrremove unused js
2011-09-23 mrMerge branch 'master' into development
2011-09-23 mrrequire opentox gem ~>3 v3.0.0
2011-09-23 mrMerge branch 'release/v3.0.0' into development
2011-09-23 mrMerge branch 'release/v3.0.0'
2011-09-23 mrendpoint selection for create model form
2011-09-21 mrremove id from sort tab
2011-09-14 mrEndpoint selection from ontology server with cache
2011-08-31 mrmake w3c valid
2011-08-31 mrshow pages only if more than 5 models
2011-08-31 mrsorting functionality for models page
2011-08-31 mroptimize models navigation | put authorized to view...
2011-08-31 mrsorting for id
2011-08-31 mrsolve merge conflicts
2011-08-30 mradd model sorting
2011-08-24 mrA&A do not show models without allow for GET request
2011-08-22 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'development' of
2011-08-22 Christoph HelmaNA inserted if valdiation parameters missing
2011-08-22 mrMerge branch 'development' of
2011-08-22 mrremove subjectidstring for unified cookies
2011-08-22 Christoph Helmaconfusion matrix class names fixed
2011-08-22 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'development' of
2011-08-22 Christoph Helmaintegers in confusion matrix, average area under roc
2011-08-22 mguetleinreplace weighted_auc with average_auc [2]
2011-08-22 mguetleinMerge branch 'development' of
2011-08-22 mguetleinunify cookies
2011-08-18 mroptimize ToxCreateModel deletion
2011-08-18 mguetleinreplace weighted_auc with average_auc
2011-08-17 mrremove delete link when deleting
2011-08-17 mradd subjectids where missing and some code cleanup
2011-08-16 mrfix typo in html code
2011-08-08 michaMerge remote branch 'origin/development' v2.1.0
2011-08-08 Christoph Helmadoubled date removed
2011-08-04 mrMerge branch 'release/v2.1.0' into development
2011-08-04 mrMerge branch 'release/v2.1.0'
2011-08-04 mrul in p
2011-08-04 mrMerge remote branch 'origin/development' into release...
2011-08-04 Christoph Helmahighlighting warning for multiple classes
2011-08-04 mrMerge remote branch 'origin/development' into release...
2011-08-04 Christoph Helmafeature highlighting and significant features fixed...
2011-08-04 mrsolve merge conflicts
2011-08-04 mrid for tasklinks (to fix doubled javascript)
2011-08-04 Christoph Helmaactivity highlighting and significant features fixed
2011-08-03 mrremove alt tag from progressbar
2011-08-02 mrfix merge conflicts
2011-08-02 mrremove text 'user:' if no A&A
2011-07-29 Christoph Helmacreate page reordered
2011-07-29 Christoph HelmaSDF export with data items
2011-07-28 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'feature/sdf-import' into development
2011-07-28 Christoph Helmasdf upload implemented
2011-07-26 gebelefp7 link to new window
2011-07-25 Christoph Helmatext modifications as suggested by davids review
2011-07-15 mrcrossvalidation confusion matrix multinominal
2011-07-13 mrjavascript for external links if html parts are after...
2011-07-13 mrfix invalid HTML
2011-07-13 mrfix invalid HTML
2011-07-12 mrfix broken prediction details
2011-07-12 mrfix broken prediction details
2011-07-11 mguetleinmodify error handling in toxcreate model creation
2011-07-11 mrdo not refresh when an error occurs
2011-06-16 mradd notice if there are no models
2011-06-16 mrreplace GMT with %Z
2011-06-16 mradd GMT to time information
2011-06-16 mrexternal links for classification validation
2011-06-15 opentoxcactvs name lookup disabled
2011-06-15 mrMerge branch 'hotfix/v2.0.1' into development
2011-06-15 mrMerge branch 'hotfix/v2.0.1'
2011-06-15 mrcomment select ambit data
2011-06-14 Christoph Helmaactivity markup fixed
2011-05-31 Christoph Helmaregression example dataset added
2011-05-30 Christoph Helmacached predictions fixed
2011-05-30 Christoph Helmacached predictions fixed
2011-05-25 mguetleinfixing nil error