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2011-04-28 mrMerge branch 'development' of
2011-04-12 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'hotfix-1.0.7' into development
2011-04-12 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'hotfix-1.0.7' v1.0.7
2011-04-12 Andreas MaunzFixed switching to master
2011-03-09 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'release/v1.0.0'
2011-02-10 mguetleinmerged mr algorithm manually
2011-01-31 mrmerge with helma/development
2011-01-27 Christoph HelmaMerge remote branch 'mguetlein/development' into develo...
2011-01-27 Christoph Helmamaster branch for las-utils
2010-12-02 mrmerge with helma/development
2010-11-24 Christoph Helmaopentox-ruby gem in
2010-11-04 Christoph Helmalast merged from andi
2010-11-03 Andreas MaunzUsing master of fminer2
2010-10-28 istComments in code
2010-10-28 istCompleted integration of LAST-PM
2010-10-19 istAdded submodule last-utils
2010-10-18 istRooted LastPM integration
2010-09-03 mrMerge remote branch 'helma/master' into development
2010-08-20 Christoph HelmaMerge commit 'mguetlein/test' into development
2010-08-18 Christoph Helmaobsolete rakefiles removed
2010-06-29 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'master' into development
2010-06-25 Christoph Helmaregression initially working
2010-06-22 Christoph Helmamerge conflict resolved
2010-06-22 Christoph Helmamerge conflict resolved
2010-05-20 istUpdated install and update targets
2010-02-15 Martin GŁtleinmerge with conflicts fixed
2010-02-11 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'test' of
2010-02-10 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'test' of git://
2010-01-27 David VorgrimmlerFixed typing error
2010-01-27 David VorgrimmlerAdded configuration test.
2010-01-26 David VorgrimmlerAdded ./configure of fminer in Rakefile
2009-11-10 Christoph Helmagem installation removed from fminer installation task
2009-10-26 Christoph Helmafminer namespace for rake tasks
2009-09-08 Christoph Helmaadapted for new dataset service
2009-08-14 Christoph HelmaUpdate task added
2009-08-14 Christoph HelmaInstallatin tasks updated
2009-08-14 Christoph HelmaRakefile typo fixed
2009-08-14 Christoph HelmaRakefile, README, added, uses opentox-ruby-api