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[algorithm] / lazar.rb
2012-07-13 rautenbergMerge branch 'release/v3.2.0' v4.0.0
2012-04-18 David VorgrimmlerMerge branch 'pc_unified_from_jl' into development
2012-04-18 David VorgrimmlerNow fingerprints, activities, compounds have the same... pc_unified_from_jl
2012-04-17 David VorgrimmlerNow fixes are more readable.
2012-04-17 David VorgrimmlerBugfixes: Handling lib and pc_type
2012-04-17 Andreas MaunzImproved debug out
2012-04-13 Andreas MaunzAdded min_sim transform to cosine space
2012-04-13 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'jl' into pc_unified_from_jl
2012-04-12 rautenbergMerge branch 'hotfix/metadata_fix' into development
2012-04-12 rautenbergMerge branch 'hotfix/metadata_fix' metadata_fix
2012-04-12 Andreas MaunzMajor bug fixed: order of compounds was unsure in trans... jl
2012-04-12 Andreas MaunzFixed params to feature_type
2012-04-12 rautenbergFix in Metadata generation
2012-04-12 Andreas MaunzChecking training compounds exceed features
2012-04-11 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'jl' into pc_unified_from_jl
2012-04-11 Andreas Maunzpc_type and lib autodetection from feature dataset
2012-04-10 Andreas MaunzAdded common value_map routine to wrapper
2012-04-10 Andreas MaunzRemoved value_map from params
2012-04-10 davorMerge commit 'd243f8e9bebff49899cd510e83be15abe8741cc8...
2012-04-04 Andreas MaunzSupporting lookup
2012-03-13 rautenbergMerge branch 'release/v3.1.0' into development
2012-03-13 rautenbergMerge branch 'release/v3.1.0' v3.1.0
2012-02-21 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'development' of
2012-02-16 Andreas MaunzRegression: 'paths' as features merely by default.
2012-02-15 davorMerge branch 'development' of
2012-02-15 davorCommented out metadata information BO.instanceOf becaus...
2012-02-09 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'pc_new_1' into development
2012-02-09 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'development' into pc_new_1 pc_new_1
2012-01-31 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'caret' into pc_new_1
2012-01-31 Andreas Maunznr_hits for all SVM formulations
2012-01-30 Andreas MaunzProp on not for wmv
2012-01-30 Andreas MaunzProp always on, removed conf_stdev
2012-01-23 Andreas MaunzFixed bug in lazar.rb: propositionalized not set correctly
2012-01-20 Andreas MaunzAdd new parameter, min_train_performance, which control...
2012-01-19 Andreas MaunzFix to previous commit
2012-01-19 Andreas MaunzMaking Prop default for SVM
2012-01-15 davorLowered sim threshold for cosine similarity to 0.4
2012-01-13 davorMerge branch 'pc_new_1' of
2012-01-13 davorFix: Adding fingerprint *only when activity exists*
2012-01-10 ot7Fixed bug
2012-01-10 davorParameter clean-up
2011-12-29 davorMerge branch 'new_pc_dv' into pc_new_1
2011-12-23 davorAdded pc_type to model new_pc_dv
2011-12-23 davorFixed bug.
2011-12-23 davorRemoved nr_hits
2011-12-23 davorFixed Bug and improving clarity
2011-12-22 davorSimplified nr_hits and add Substructure.match_hits
2011-11-08 Andreas MaunzRemoved transformer
2011-11-07 Andreas MaunzNicer comments
2011-11-07 Andreas MaunzInit to numeric branch
2011-10-25 Christoph Helmabo:instanceOf added to algorithms
2011-09-23 mrMerge branch 'release/v3.0.0'
2011-09-19 David VorgrimmlerRemoved duplicate. String fix.
2011-09-19 David Vorgrimmler Set nr_hits for regression as default. Minor modifica...
2011-08-04 mrsolve merge conflicts (take new development version... v2.1.0
2011-07-22 Andreas MaunzFixed switches to listen to "true" only.
2011-07-20 Andreas MaunzFixed nr_hits to bool
2011-07-20 dvMerge branch 'support' into development
2011-07-20 dvMerge branch 'development' into support support
2011-07-19 dvmerge with dev and some changes
2011-07-14 Andreas MaunzRemoved balancing
2011-07-14 Andreas MaunzShortened Transform procedure balanced
2011-07-14 Andreas MaunzAdded standard LOG
2011-07-14 Andreas MaunzMinor fix
2011-07-14 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'log' into development
2011-07-14 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'development' into log log
2011-07-14 Andreas MaunzAdded switch for Transform
2011-07-12 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'release/v2.1.0' into development
2011-07-11 mguetleinsetting task percentage completed for fminer and lazar...
2011-07-11 dvchanges for support
2011-07-11 Andreas MaunzFixed class.to_s
2011-07-11 Andreas MaunzFixed representation of transform
2011-07-08 Andreas MaunzChanged inverter to log10
2011-07-08 Andreas MaunzAdded transformation on model creation
2011-07-05 mrMerge branches 'release/v2.1.0', 'release/v2.1.0' and...
2011-07-05 Andreas MaunzFixed log taking
2011-07-04 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'mlr' into development
2011-07-04 Andreas MaunzAdded switch for MLR
2011-06-24 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'multi' into development
2011-06-21 Andreas MaunzFixing map values to not start from 0
2011-06-21 Andreas MaunzEnabling map for Fminer
2011-06-21 Andreas MaunzIntroduced switch 'balanced'
2011-06-21 Andreas MaunzMultinomial capability for Fminer and Lazar
2011-06-06 Christoph Helmahalts (partially) substituted by OpenTox errors
2011-06-06 mguetleinremoving several halt, adding debug message, getting...
2011-05-31 mguetleinskip 0 regression value instead of stopping model buliding
2011-05-31 Christoph Helmakeep classes from external datasets
2011-05-27 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'svm_prop' into development
2011-05-26 Andreas MaunzProp kernel
2011-05-26 mguetleinMerge branch 'development' of
2011-05-26 mguetleinfix html for algorithms
2011-05-26 mguetleinadjust to change in wrapper: feature_values -> accept_v...
2011-05-25 mguetleinfix: add missing subject id when loading feature type
2011-05-23 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'new_model_prediction_format' into development
2011-05-23 Christoph Helmafminer.rb
2011-05-23 Christoph Helmaowl-dl fixed for model and prediction datasets
2011-05-23 mrMerge branch 'release/2.0.0' into development
2011-05-23 mrnew release 2.0.0
2011-05-19 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'reach_svcc' into development
2011-05-18 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'reach' into development