2012-09-28 Andreas MaunzJava Main function master
2012-09-20 Andreas MaunzJava doc
2012-09-19 Andreas MaunzCDK
2012-09-19 Andreas MaunzJava
2012-09-19 Andreas MaunzJava
2012-08-10 Andreas MaunzAdded cache switch for bbrc-sample WS
2012-07-13 rautenbergMerge branch 'release/v3.2.0' v4.0.0
2012-07-12 rautenbergswitch to opentox-ruby 4.0.0, add to ChangeLog release/v3.2.0
2012-07-12 rautenbergswitch to opentox-ruby 4.0.0, add to ChangeLog
2012-06-20 David VorgrimmlerAdded subjectids.
2012-06-19 David VorgrimmlerAdded subjectid for A&A.
2012-06-19 David VorgrimmlerAdded missing subjectid.
2012-06-11 David VorgrimmlerChanged feature uri and p_value in match.
2012-06-05 David VorgrimmlerMerge branch 'bbrc-sample' into development
2012-05-24 Andreas MaunzAdded GET for match bbrc-sample
2012-05-23 Andreas MaunzUsing OOB estimated p-Values for feature metadata
2012-05-21 Andreas MaunzCorrected LAST effect calculation
2012-05-21 Andreas MaunzBBRC service: simplified effect calculation
2012-05-21 Andreas MaunzChisq estimation for /match
2012-05-21 Andreas MaunzSupport for Chisq estimation method
2012-05-16 Andreas Maunzrenaming
2012-05-16 Andreas MaunzAdded support for backbone-false
2012-05-14 Andreas Maunzmatching service uses last-utils
2012-05-09 David VorgrimmlerAdded random seed to bbrc sample.
2012-05-09 Andreas MaunzEmitting stripped patterns
2012-05-08 Andreas MaunzSupporting merge time in metadata
2012-05-08 Andreas MaunzAdded metadata: minfreq and nr_hits
2012-05-08 David VorgrimmlerMerge branch 'bbrc-sample' of
2012-05-08 David VorgrimmlerAdded parameters to dataset metadata.
2012-05-08 Andreas MaunzFixed r quit
2012-05-08 Andreas MaunzRemoved debug
2012-05-07 Andreas MaunzBetter comments
2012-05-07 Andreas MaunzEmbedded R code
2012-05-04 Andreas MaunzAdded bbrc-sample as a submodule
2012-05-04 Andreas MaunzReverted gitmodules
2012-05-04 Andreas MaunzCleaner parameter handling for sampling
2012-05-04 Andreas MaunzAdded bbrc-sample as submodule
2012-05-03 Andreas MaunzInitial commit
2012-04-26 davorBugfix. Missing ":" for add_uri param.
2012-04-23 David VorgrimmlerRemoved URI.escape
2012-04-20 davorUndo changes (wrong branch).
2012-04-20 davorAdded pc / jl changes.
2012-04-20 davorAdded pc/jl entry.
2012-04-20 David VorgrimmlerURI encoding of prediction feature removed again
2012-04-18 David VorgrimmlerMerge branch 'pc_unified_from_jl' into development
2012-04-18 David VorgrimmlerNow fingerprints, activities, compounds have the same... pc_unified_from_jl
2012-04-17 David VorgrimmlerNow fixes are more readable.
2012-04-17 David VorgrimmlerBugfixes: Handling lib and pc_type
2012-04-17 Andreas MaunzImproved debug out
2012-04-13 Andreas MaunzAdded min_sim transform to cosine space
2012-04-13 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'jl' into pc_unified_from_jl
2012-04-13 Andreas MaunzUpdated README
2012-04-13 Andreas MaunzURI encoding of prediction feature removed again
2012-04-12 rautenbergMerge branch 'hotfix/metadata_fix' into development
2012-04-12 rautenbergMerge branch 'hotfix/metadata_fix' metadata_fix
2012-04-12 Andreas MaunzMajor bug fixed: order of compounds was unsure in trans... jl
2012-04-12 Andreas MaunzFixed params to feature_type
2012-04-12 rautenbergFix in Metadata generation
2012-04-12 Andreas MaunzFixed param name to prediction_feature
2012-04-12 Andreas MaunzFixed POST dest to /fs/rfe
2012-04-12 Andreas MaunzRelaxed YAML check
2012-04-12 Andreas MaunzChecking training compounds exceed features
2012-04-11 Andreas MaunzUpdate doc
2012-04-11 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'jl' into pc_unified_from_jl
2012-04-11 Andreas Maunzpc_type and lib autodetection from feature dataset
2012-04-10 Andreas MaunzAdded common value_map routine to wrapper
2012-04-10 Andreas MaunzRemoved value_map from params
2012-04-10 davorMerge branch 'development' into jl
2012-04-10 davorMerge commit 'd243f8e9bebff49899cd510e83be15abe8741cc8...
2012-04-10 davorBugfix. Escaping prediction feature title in rfe POST.
2012-04-10 Andreas Maunztransferring feature metadata to result of rfe
2012-04-05 Andreas MaunzPOST target for all descriptors changed to /pc/AllDescr...
2012-04-04 Andreas MaunzSupporting lookup
2012-04-04 Andreas MaunzFixed feature meta data
2012-04-03 Andreas MaunzFixed documentation
2012-04-03 Andreas MaunzAdded openbabel
2012-04-02 Andreas MaunzUnified interface to PC descriptors
2012-04-02 Andreas MaunzAdded Java
2012-03-20 davorRemoved del_nominal (60f306947f01bbc8).
2012-03-13 rautenbergMerge branch 'release/v3.1.0' into development
2012-03-13 rautenbergMerge branch 'release/v3.1.0' v3.1.0
2012-03-07 davorEnabled del_nominal for rfe.
2012-03-05 davorSet all feature types as numeric for rfe results.
2012-02-24 Andreas MaunzAdded Changelog
2012-02-21 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'development' of
2012-02-16 Andreas MaunzRegression: 'paths' as features merely by default.
2012-02-15 davorMerge branch 'development' of
2012-02-15 davorCommented out metadata information BO.instanceOf becaus...
2012-02-15 Andreas MaunzFixed parameter name in metadata (minfreq)
2012-02-09 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'pc_new_1' into development
2012-02-09 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'development' into pc_new_1 pc_new_1
2012-02-09 Andreas MaunzFixed tempfile deletion
2012-02-08 Andreas MaunzUpdated README
2012-02-08 Andreas MaunzFixed minor bugs
2012-02-08 Andreas MaunzAdjusted rfe
2012-02-07 Andreas MaunzAdded rfe
2012-01-31 mguetleinfixing a&a in fminer match
2012-01-31 mguetleinextend matching to 'nr_hits'
2012-01-31 mguetleinfeature match functionallity for fminer
2012-01-31 Andreas MaunzMerge branch 'caret' into pc_new_1