2017-01-11 Christoph Helmamodel documentation updated
2017-01-10 Christoph Helmamodel documentation
2017-01-10 Christoph Helmainitial model documentation
2017-01-10 Christoph CV information fixed
2017-01-10 Christoph headings fixed
2017-01-10 Christoph HelmaBrief tutorial in
2017-01-10 Christoph Helmaindependent_variables stored in GridFS to avoid Mongo...
2016-12-20 Christoph Helmatrue_rate, predictivity stored in crossvalidation nano-lazar-paper.submission
2016-12-18 Christoph Helmamodena import modifications removed
2016-12-12 Christoph Helma5 repeated cvs for enm
2016-12-12 Christoph Helmamodena import workarounds
2016-12-08 Christoph Helmamerged origin/development
2016-12-08 Christoph HelmaOpenTox::Validation::RepeatedCrossValidation fixed...
2016-12-06 gebelefull class name required
2016-12-05 gebeleremoved dependency gem version numbers
2016-11-25 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'development' of
2016-11-25 Christoph Helmaalgorithms accessor for Model::Validation
2016-11-24 gebelealways convert to SMILES v9-nestec
2016-11-23 gebeleadded delog10;generalized mmol2-log10 eNM
2016-11-11 Christoph Helmap-chem regression and enm import fixed
2016-11-11 Christoph Helmaenm import fixed
2016-11-10 Christoph HelmaModel::NanoPrediction parameters
2016-11-10 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'development' of
2016-11-10 Christoph Helmaintermediate commit, may be defunct
2016-11-10 gebeleMerge branch 'development' of
2016-11-10 gebeleadded nanomodel create
2016-11-09 Christoph HelmaCDK 2.0
2016-11-08 Christoph HelmaMerge branch 'development' of
2016-11-08 Christoph Helmaprobability plot for classification
2016-11-04 gebelereintroduced Gemfile
2016-10-28 Christoph Helmaadjusted r^2 removed (does not apply well to local...
2016-10-27 Christoph HelmaGridFS storage for plots.
2016-10-27 Christoph Helmaprobability plot for classification validations
2016-10-14 Christoph Helmaweighted average for failed caret predictions fixed
2016-10-14 Christoph Helmagit commit added to model metadata
2016-10-13 Christoph Helmatests pass
2016-10-13 Christoph Helmacompound tests fixed
2016-10-13 Christoph Helmamodel tests separated and cleaned
2016-10-13 Christoph Helmaclassification fixed
2016-10-13 Christoph Helmadescriptor tests fixed
2016-10-13 Christoph Helmatest_physchem fixed
2016-10-13 Christoph Helmamolecular_weight fixed
2016-10-12 Christoph HelmaR NAs fixed
2016-10-12 Christoph Helmaphyschem regression, correlation_filter for fingerprints
2016-10-07 Christoph updated
2016-10-07 Christoph Helmaremaining tests fixed
2016-10-07 Christoph Helmaunified interface for prediction algorithms
2016-10-06 Christoph Helmanano caret regression fixed
2016-10-05 Christoph Helmaclassification and regression tests
2016-10-05 Christoph Helmacompound and descriptor tests fixed
2016-10-05 Christoph Helmasubstance and nanoparticle model creation and predictions
2016-10-03 Christoph Helmainitial model creation tests
2016-09-30 Christoph Helmanpo uri as source, spectral count unit f proteomics...
2016-09-26 Christoph Helmapubchem uri fixed athens-workshop
2016-09-26 Christoph Helma resource_not_found_error changed to not_found_error...
2016-09-26 Christoph HelmaChembl URI fixed
2016-09-26 Christoph HelmaCACTUS_URI updated
2016-07-26 Christoph HelmaNanoPrediction model
2016-07-25 Christoph Helmalocal_weighted_average fallback fixed, cv predictions...
2016-07-21 Christoph Helmacorrelation plot fixed
2016-06-08 Christoph Helmacompound tests fixed
2016-06-07 Christoph Helma(repeated)crossvalidation plots
2016-06-03 Christoph Helmarandom forest regression
2016-06-02 Christoph Helmaproteomics regression validation
2016-06-02 Christoph Helmalocal pls regression for nanoparticle proteomics
2016-06-02 Christoph Helmalocal pls regression for nanoparticles
2016-06-01 Christoph Helmaall tests fixed
2016-06-01 Christoph Helmavalidation tests fixed
2016-05-31 Christoph Helmacleanup of validation modules/classes
2016-05-27 Christoph Helmafirst correlation of nanoparticle predictions
2016-05-24 Christoph Helmatests fixed. DescriptorTest#test_compound_all may fail...
2016-05-24 Christoph Helmadataset tests fixed
2016-05-13 Christoph Helmacompound tests fixed
2016-05-12 Christoph Helmaenm study import fixed
2016-05-10 Christoph Helma-log10 transformed datasets added
2016-05-09 Christoph Helmaenm test data added
2016-05-09 Christoph Helmaphyschem crossvalidation fixed, test_compound_descripto...
2016-05-09 Christoph Helmananoparticle models fixed
2016-05-09 Christoph Helmaphyschem crossvalidation fixed
2016-05-08 Christoph Helmaregression crossvalidation fixed
2016-05-08 Christoph Helmadefault validations fixed
2016-05-08 Christoph Helmagridfs test added
2016-05-07 Christoph Helma-log10 for regression datasets, test cleanups
2016-05-06 Christoph Helmadataset tests cleanup
2016-05-05 Christoph Helmaambit mirror, import from mirrored json, proteomics...
2016-05-04 Christoph Helmafirst reasonable results for nanoparticle crossvalidation
2016-04-28 Christoph Helmacompound validations fixed
2016-04-28 Christoph Helmacompound classification fixed
2016-04-28 Christoph Helmananoparticle crossvalidation technically working
2016-04-26 Christoph Helmafirst nanomaterial prediction
2016-04-21 Christoph Helmaprobabilities branch merged
2016-04-21 Christoph Helmainitial classification probabilities
2016-04-21 Christoph HelmaAMBIT import expanded
2016-04-15 Christoph Helmaenm study import
2016-04-15 Christoph Helmadata_entries removed from datasets. datasets are now...
2016-04-14 Christoph Helmafeatures/toxicities fixed
2016-04-13 Christoph Helmaimproved enm import
2016-04-13 Christoph Helmanew files added
2016-04-13 Christoph Helmavalidation tests pass
2016-04-12 Christoph HelmaVERSION bumped to 0.9.3