AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-24archlinux-keyring updated in DockerfileHEADmasterChristoph Helma
2019-09-07gsfonts for R plots addedChristoph Helma
2019-09-06swagger removed1.4.2developmentChristoph Helma
2019-09-05database prepopulation with PubChem CId's, permission for /api path fixedChristoph Helma
2019-09-04batch mode disabled, lazar-gui gem path and permissions fixed in Dockerfile1.4.1Christoph Helma
2019-09-03development merged, git links in fixed1.4.0Christoph Helma
2019-09-03docker installation as gem, links with port numbers, version 1.4.0prereleaseChristoph Helma
2019-08-30Dockerfile and start script addedChristoph Helma
2019-08-29all also_reload calls removedChristoph Helma
2019-08-29another reload_also statement removed from productionChristoph Helma
2019-08-29improved production settingsChristoph Helma
2019-08-29direct gem requirements in instead of Bundler.require with local pathsChristoph Helma
2019-08-29gem prerelease version 1.4.0.pre.0.gemtriple_data_entriesChristoph Helma
2019-08-16change hostname methodgebele
2019-08-09do not delete batch tr_dataset if one of model tr_dataset;error message if da...gebele
2019-08-08ensure dataset parser errors not hidden in a task; check upload by first head...gebele
2019-08-06start render task after file processing is finishedgebele
2019-08-05unset and delete js vargebele
2019-08-05ensure xhr requests are https to avoid mixed content issue in browsersgebele
2019-08-02optimize upload task with wait for dataset idgebele
2019-08-02refresh batch dataset in task wait loopgebele
2019-08-01introduce task for upload and parse to datasetgebele
2019-07-29optimize batch table size; mute task progress js functionsgebele
2019-07-25add API link; no plots for gitgebele
2019-07-19refined confusion matrixesgebele
2019-07-18removed awstats;model details without separation buttons;restructured details...gebele
2019-07-16use png format for plots avoiding css overwrite from svg objects and better b...gebele
2019-07-15add plots with div togglesgebele
2019-07-12use wait animation instead approx prediction timegebele
2019-07-12assume approx prediction timegebele
2019-07-12kill task pid if page is reloadedgebele
2019-07-11simplify js code;reorder js code;gebele
2019-07-11moved form js functions to lazar-gui.jsgebele
2019-07-10moved batch js functions to lazar-gui.jsgebele
2019-07-10adjust approx task timegebele
2019-07-10ensure correct response content-typegebele
2019-07-05links for ppv and npv;fixed overflow in modalgebele
2019-07-05reorder validation statisticsgebele
2019-07-04regex for tpr tnrgebele
2019-06-27use accept value for ratesgebele
2019-06-27all cv values for classification modelsgebele
2019-06-27use prediction to csv;edit info textgebele
2019-06-18return training dataset from sourcegebele
2019-06-18update routes and mime type and generate server uri for API filegebele
2019-06-17show only last warninggebele
2019-06-17add PubChem links for compound cidgebele
2019-06-17fixed table in model detailsgebele
2019-06-14reordered validation statsgebele
2019-06-14simplify routesgebele
2019-06-13update with APIgebele