AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-29add license, faq and qmrfbatchgebele
2018-05-28default link color;neighbors and batch details modal;table word wrapgebele
2018-05-22adjusted warnings and endpoint for html and csvgebele
2018-05-22paginate and restructuregebele
2018-05-22add additional filesgebele
2018-04-04fixed tab headers in widthgebele
2018-04-04updated gem service commandsgebele
2018-04-04updated readmegebele
2018-04-04updated readmegebele
2018-04-04show warningsgebele
2018-04-03fixed name of prediction modelgebele
2018-04-03fixed merge from developmentgebele
2018-04-03follow up mastergebele
2018-04-03version bump;caret documentation fixgebele
2018-03-20updated faq and qmrf reportgebele
2017-12-14changed info text rebuilding modelsgebele
2017-09-21changed model order;added analyticsgebele
2017-09-21bumped version because added TD50 models and refined qmrfgebele
2017-08-14fixed qmrf publications ordergebele
2017-08-09disable batch prediction for public servicegebele
2017-08-09consistent error handlinggebele
2017-08-09qmrf report to libgebele
2017-08-08fixes for batch and qmrfgebele
2017-07-31introduce batch predictions and QMRF for public service;layout refinements fo...gebele
2017-05-16fixed cite text and versionv1.1.3gebele
2017-05-08updated jsme;warnings;infogebele
2017-05-04fixed merge from mastergebele
2017-05-04bumped version;adjustments for updated lazar librarygebele
2017-02-08adjust required lazar versiongebele
2017-02-08changed LAZAR_ENVgebele
2017-01-20bumped versiongebele
2017-01-20fixed view for single value probabilitygebele
2017-01-16issue fixes;added faqgebele
2017-01-16merged development1.1.1gebele
2017-01-16issue fixes;added faqgebele
2016-12-20result values round by signif(n);set dependent lazar gem versiongebele
2016-12-07rebuild code for public release;prepared to work with lazar v1.0.0;reintroduc...gebele
2016-12-07merge fixgebele
2016-12-07removed required gem versionsgebele
2016-11-30minor fixgebele
2016-11-28bumped version;training dataset download;show warnings for batch;csv info and...v9-nestecgebele
2016-11-24fixed mergegebele
2016-11-24several fixes; works with lazar tree e111369ce5564f159b3f5f85c92afdd22352eaa1gebele
2016-06-13bumped versiongebele
2016-06-13removed old linkgebele
2016-06-08bumped version; added version to GUI1.0.1gebele
2016-06-08bumped versiongebele
2016-06-08fixed load path with unicorngebele
2016-06-07bumped version; required unicorn confgebele
2016-06-06undo unicorn config pathgebele