AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-10-23Merge branch 'mongodb' of into mongodbmongodbgebele
2015-10-23moved model details to new file and call it onclick;makup validated but svg i...gebele
2015-10-21layout cosmeticgebele
2015-10-20layout cosmeticgebele
2015-10-19removed total in cv matrixgebele
2015-10-19fixed regression/classification round;line up repeated cv;removed total in cv...gebele
2015-10-15fixed round issue for nilgebele
2015-10-13enable repeated crossvalidation reportsgebele
2015-10-13added tmp dirgebele
2015-09-30adjusted neighbors tablegebele
2015-09-30removed console logsgebele
2015-09-23added details testgebele
2015-09-23added testsgebele
2015-09-23changed id for testsgebele
2015-09-23enable csv downloadgebele
2015-09-21include batch selection in top framegebele
2015-09-21batch selection by tabgebele
2015-09-17introduced batch predictiongebele
2015-09-17save stadiumgebele
2015-09-10changed submit button to wait animation instead progress bargebele
2015-09-09fixed Float issue for neighborsgebele
2015-09-01fixed smiles validationgebele
2015-09-01adjustments for nestec release1gebele
2015-08-27Initial GUI for Nestec modelsChristoph Helma
2015-06-22several updates for browser compatibilitygebele
2015-06-18general css update with bootstrapgebele
2015-04-13minor fixesgebele
2015-04-10slower progress animationgebele
2015-03-12fixed probability roundgebele
2015-03-12fixed probability roundgebele
2015-03-11marked descriptor links;resize body if many models;fixed progress statusgebele
2015-03-10marked links >;resize body if large table;setup sdfgebele
2015-02-19fixed typogebele
2015-02-19fixed typogebele
2015-02-19fixed typogebele
2015-02-19sort models by endpoint listgebele
2015-01-12fixed typo and line breakgebele
2014-12-12deleted old exclusionsgebele
2014-12-04several updates in code; validation integrated, probability for classificatio...gebele
2014-11-06visualized smartsgebele
2014-11-06visualized smartsgebele
2014-11-06check models exist; fixed stylesheet pathgebele
2014-10-17updated Gemfile with local opentox-gems; added validation to gemspecgebele
2014-10-08updated versiongebele
2014-10-08dropped compass gem, switch to scss;clean-up files/codegebele
2014-10-08changed block colorgebele
2014-10-06update jsme_version/stylesheetgebele
2013-11-19prediction models recognized by type definition; style for model detail in ha...gebele
2013-11-18fix for escaped uri; changed model sort methodgebele
2013-11-15models sorted by endpointgebele