AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-09Merge branch 'github-nestec' into nestecv10-nestecnestecgebele
2019-02-25fixed prediction measurements for consensusgebele
2018-10-22do not store prediction object for single predictionsgebele
2018-10-05fixed mazzatorta warnings in single predictionsgebele
2018-09-24allow tab separated smi filesgebele
2018-09-24allow tab separated smi filesgebele
2018-07-26renamed endpointgebele
2018-07-26muted consensus;removed debug logger;gebele
2018-07-26add green buttons on successgebele
2018-07-25handle original ids in batch object;gebele
2018-07-16refined mazza rulesgebele
2018-07-16add mazzatortagebele
2018-07-05updated help textgebele
2018-06-29updated file format instructionsgebele
2018-06-28replaced vargebele
2018-06-28removed doubled insertiongebele
2018-06-28fixed typogebele
2018-06-28allow ID column for uploadsgebele
2018-05-22adjusted prediction values for htmlgebele
2018-04-24always show sa prediction in batch modegebele
2018-04-23fixed file ending on downloadgebele
2018-04-23batch download with extra duplicate on ID message columngebele
2018-04-20batch download with original identifiersgebele
2018-04-13duplicate warning at bottom of batch result filegebele
2018-03-23store uploaded datasetsgebele
2018-01-19set inApp value to maybe for regression warnings used weighted majority votegebele
2018-01-15changed info text for recreating modelsgebele
2017-12-12extended execution rule for tasksgebele
2017-12-12prediction object adjusted for single predictionsgebele
2017-11-09fixed cramer details;changed message for wrong file formatgebele
2017-11-09cleanup and reorder code;save prediction object also for single predictiongebele
2017-11-07reordered to store sa predictiongebele
2017-11-06various small fixesgebele
2017-11-06various small fixesgebele
2017-11-06various small fixesgebele
2017-11-06added prediction objects;re-ordered code and cleanupgebele
2017-11-02re-order nav element and div heigthgebele
2017-11-01fixed cramergebele
2017-11-01serial batch prediction with task; TODO cleanup code to methods; include help...gebele
2017-10-31serial batch prediction with taskgebele
2017-10-23ensure collecting all structural alertsgebele
2017-10-20removed loggers;go for string only in sagebele
2017-10-20removed loggers;go for string only in sagebele
2017-10-20adjusted order of elementsgebele
2017-10-17new batch mode with single callsgebele
2017-09-25before new batchgebele
2016-11-30minor fixgebele
2016-11-28bumped version;training dataset download;show warnings for batch;csv info and...v9-nestecgebele
2016-11-24fixed mergegebele
2016-11-24several fixes; works with lazar tree e111369ce5564f159b3f5f85c92afdd22352eaa1gebele