AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-11-28bumped version;training dataset download;show warnings for batch;csv info and...v9-nestecgebele
2016-11-24fixed mergegebele
2016-11-24several fixes; works with lazar tree e111369ce5564f159b3f5f85c92afdd22352eaa1gebele
2016-06-08bumped version; added version to GUI1.0.1gebele
2016-06-08bumped versiongebele
2016-06-08fixed load path with unicorngebele
2016-06-07bumped version; required unicorn confgebele
2016-06-06undo unicorn config pathgebele
2016-06-06bumped version;include unicorn configgebele
2016-05-12bumped versiongebele
2016-05-12added start and stop scriptgebele
2016-05-11added lazar.shgebele
2016-05-11bumped versiongebele
2016-05-11added bingebele
2016-05-10bunped version to 0.9.3v0.9.3gebele
2016-05-03final header adjustmentsgebele
2016-04-29changed share and acknowledgement always visiblegebele
2016-04-25added content to acknowledgementgebele
2016-04-25added links;share;acknowledgementsgebele
2016-04-21fixed neighbors table; bg-color predictions due to safari; disabled neighbors...gebele
2016-04-21updated prediction infogebele
2016-04-21removed bracketsgebele
2016-04-20keep back faqgebele
2016-04-20updated similarity info; changed delimitergebele
2016-04-20adjusted prediction intervall info; units ; depictiongebele
2016-04-20edited model detailsgebele
2016-04-20adopted changes from CH on the master branchgebele
2016-04-15reactivated info buttons; changed unit for fish; introduced FAQgebele
2016-04-12use lazar gemgebele
2016-03-31catch empty pred intervalgebele
2016-03-24updated for latest lazar changes; introduced 95% prediction intervalgebele
2016-03-17snapshot, works only with png plotsgebele
2016-01-26batch mergegebele
2016-01-26enabled sticky headers for neighbors tablegebele
2016-01-14changed weight method for lazar v8-nestec releasev8-nestecgebele
2015-10-30fixed weight for multiple database hits in predictionv7-nestecgebele
2015-10-29added mg/kg_bw/daygebele
2015-10-29patch mergegebele
2015-10-29revert last change after fix in compound libgebele
2015-10-29patch mergegebele
2015-10-29trim and log SMILES inputgebele
2015-10-28consisten use of brackets for units; collect measured activity for equal neig...gebele
2015-10-27enabled batchgebele
2015-10-27enabled batchgebele
2015-10-27added unit for neighborsgebele
2015-10-26consistend unit display;fixed type definition for neighbors;added neighbors v...gebele
2015-10-23disabled batch prediction for public versiongebele
2015-10-23Merge branch 'mongodb' of into mongodbmongodbgebele
2015-10-23moved model details to new file and call it onclick;makup validated but svg i...gebele
2015-10-21layout cosmeticgebele