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2019-09-04batch mode disabled, lazar-gui gem path and permissions fixed in Dockerfile1.4.1Christoph Helma
2019-08-29direct gem requirements in instead of Bundler.require with local pathsChristoph Helma
2019-06-18update routes and mime type and generate server uri for API filegebele
2019-05-29removed commentgebele
2019-05-28before clean upgebele
2017-02-08changed LAZAR_ENVgebele
2016-12-07rebuild code for public release;prepared to work with lazar v1.0.0;reintroduc...gebele
2016-11-28bumped version;training dataset download;show warnings for batch;csv info and...v9-nestecgebele
2016-11-24several fixes; works with lazar tree e111369ce5564f159b3f5f85c92afdd22352eaa1gebele
2015-06-18general css update with bootstrapgebele
2013-04-09sinatra configgebele
2013-04-09sinatra configgebele
2013-03-04first commitgebele