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@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ UNIQUEDESCRIPTORS = [
#"Cdk.HBondAcceptorCount", #Descriptor that calculates the number of hydrogen bond acceptors.
#"Cdk.HBondDonorCount", #Descriptor that calculates the number of hydrogen bond donors.
"Cdk.HybridizationRatio", #Characterizes molecular complexity in terms of carbon hybridization states.
+ # TODO check why the next descriptor is not present in the CDK_DESCRIPTIONS variable.
#"Cdk.IPMolecularLearning", #Descriptor that evaluates the ionization potential.
"Cdk.KappaShapeIndices", #Descriptor that calculates Kier and Hall kappa molecular shape indices.
"Cdk.KierHallSmarts", #Counts the number of occurrences of the E-state fragments