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2012-05-09version bumped to 1.0.0Christoph Helma
2012-03-09gemspec updatedChristoph Helma
2012-02-20task catches and reports errors (some dataset tests still fail)Christoph Helma
2012-02-19task handling fixed for http codes > 202Christoph Helma
2012-02-16bundler instead of jeweller for gem managementChristoph Helma
2012-02-08toxbank-investigation compatible versionChristoph Helma
2012-01-12feature test added, version reset to 0.0.1Christoph Helma
2012-01-11basic rest post get delete test workingChristoph Helma
2011-08-16initial minimal versionChristoph Helma
2011-05-30mail exceptions disabledChristoph Helma
2011-05-27explicit gem versionsChristoph Helma
2011-05-24move to ruby-plot version 0.5mguetlein
2011-05-16move to ruby-plot 0.4 -> confidence valuesmguetlein
2011-05-13reduce ruby-plot dependency to pessimistic version vonstraint (~>)mguetlein
2011-05-12move to ruby-plot version 0.0.3mguetlein
2011-05-03remove not-existing gem benchmarkmguetlein
2011-05-03add validation gems to opentox-rubymguetlein
2011-03-31ohm-contrib addedChristoph Helma
2011-03-03login methods in to-html.rb removed, interferes with ToxCreate loginChristoph Helma
2011-02-27code cleanupChristoph Helma
2011-02-25ohm/redis backendroot
2010-11-24opentox-ruby gem in config.ruChristoph Helma
2010-11-24opentox-ruby-api-wrapper renamed to opentox-rubyChristoph Helma
2010-11-19lazar predictions for toxcreate workingChristoph Helma
2010-11-11first steps towards version 2.0, yard documentation started, passes compound,...Christoph Helma
2010-10-22new API with support for external services (initial version)Christoph Helma
2010-08-24add dm-validations to dependenciesmguetlein
2010-07-19rjb added to api wrapper, cnonfig template fixedChristoph Helma
2010-07-14model creation working, validation report generation fails for large datasetsChristoph Helma
2010-06-15updated for datamapper > 1Christoph Helma
2010-05-20missing gem dependencies addedChristoph Helma
2010-05-20roo and google-spreadshett-ruby dependencies addedChristoph Helma
2010-05-12emk-sinatra-url-for reintroduced (not available on gemcutter)Christoph Helma
2010-05-12Modification for new RestClient: body instead of to_sChristoph Helma
2010-05-06martins modifications merged and adjustedChristoph Helma
2010-03-01Rakefile typo fixedChristoph Helma
2010-03-01thin moved to development dependenciesChristoph Helma
2010-03-01validation.rb added to RakefileChristoph Helma
2010-02-08data_objects requirements removedChristoph Helma
2010-02-08jeweler development dependency addedChristoph Helma
2010-02-02centralized database configurationChristoph Helma
2010-01-31opentox-ruby-api-wrapper version 1.2.6 requiredChristoph Helma
2010-01-22central, generic compound APIChristoph Helma
2010-01-09tasks addedChristoph Helma
2009-12-14Initial adaptation to RDF/OWLChristoph Helma
2009-11-23RDF support addedChristoph Helma
2009-11-17Passenger (re)start fixedChristoph Helma
2009-11-17more dependencies addedChristoph Helma
2009-11-17Gemcutter task added to RakefileChristoph Helma
2009-11-10Installation instructions for openbabel ruby bindingsChristoph Helma