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2017-01-11documentation for all classesChristoph Helma
2016-10-05substance and nanoparticle model creation and predictionsChristoph Helma
2015-08-10algorithm libraries added, fminer tests passChristoph Helma
2015-07-19lazar predictions working in principleChristoph Helma
2015-07-18initial algorithm changesChristoph Helma
2014-10-30add method to fetch descriptor valuesmguetlein
2014-10-07provide list of descriptor names in clientmguetlein
2013-07-16subjectid handled by RestClientWrapperChristoph Helma
2013-07-10subjectids partially removedChristoph Helma
2013-07-04descriptor calculation fixedChristoph Helma
2013-07-02Algorithms and Models are modules instead of classes.Christoph Helma
2013-06-19openbabel requirement removed. initial descriptor classes.Christoph Helma
2013-06-03make yard documentation full yard compatiblerautenberg
2013-05-28updating commentsMartin G├╝tlein
2013-03-26code cleanup and refactoring.Christoph Helma
2012-09-06Fixed postAndreas Maunz
2012-02-08toxbank-investigation compatible versionChristoph Helma
2011-08-16initial minimal versionChristoph Helma
2011-05-268th vAndreas Maunz
2011-05-267th vAndreas Maunz
2011-05-256th vAndreas Maunz
2011-05-254th vAndreas Maunz
2011-05-253rd vAndreas Maunz
2011-05-24remove empty space that produced a warningmguetlein
2011-05-19Added Exception handlingAndreas Maunz
2011-05-19Added SVM classificationAndreas Maunz
2011-05-19Set nu to 0.5Andreas Maunz
2011-05-19nu 0.8 again to pass testsAndreas Maunz
2011-05-19Add debugAndreas Maunz
2011-05-19Fixed method scopeAndreas Maunz
2011-05-19Initial versionAndreas Maunz
2011-05-16Fixed expAndreas Maunz
2011-05-16Fixed log taking (for exclusively positive values only)Andreas Maunz
2011-05-09Hotfix: Gaussian Decay for neighborsAndreas Maunz
2011-05-05Fixed activity outputAndreas Maunz
2011-04-21subjectids for load_metadata in algorithm.rb and list_policies_uris changes
2011-04-06A&A fixes, code cleaningmr
2011-03-16doc for Feature.find, load_features in feature_typeChristoph Helma
2011-02-07.find method raises error if opentox-object not found, extending validation.rbmguetlein
2011-02-03update /refactor validation.rbmguetlein
2011-02-02resclient wrapper: headers <-> payload, error report from rdfmguetlein
2011-01-28extend whitelisting, get feature_type from algorithmmguetlein
2011-01-14add percentage completed supportmguetlein
2011-01-13find methods for algorithm and model, split method for dataset, feature_type ...mguetlein
2010-11-30Accept: text/uri-list for running algoritmsChristoph Helma
2010-11-19lazar predictions for toxcreate workingChristoph Helma
2010-11-11first steps towards version 2.0, yard documentation started, passes compound,...Christoph Helma
2010-10-22new API with support for external services (initial version)Christoph Helma
2010-09-02old user authentification removedChristoph Helma
2010-08-24initial lazar version for quantitative descriptorsChristoph Helma