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2019-06-20separate csv serialisations for batch predictions and training data, repeated...Christoph Helma
2018-11-16confidence for prediction
2018-10-30regression feature names
2018-10-29dataset predictions
2018-10-29dataset folds
2018-10-11initial dataset batch
2018-10-10more differentiated feature
2018-10-07dataset merge with feature/value
2017-01-11documentation for all classesChristoph Helma
2016-10-07unified interface for prediction algorithmsChristoph Helma
2016-04-15enm study importChristoph Helma
2016-04-07initial ambit importChristoph Helma
2016-03-14descriptor testsChristoph Helma
2016-02-28physchem feature classChristoph Helma
2015-10-08new environment variable LAZAR_ENV for databases and log levelsChristoph Helma
2015-10-07generalised fingerprintsChristoph Helma
2015-08-27Initial GUI for Nestec modelsChristoph Helma
2015-08-25Experiments addedChristoph Helma
2015-08-24Model::Prediction with tests, initial indexesv0.0.8Christoph Helma
2015-08-10algorithm libraries added, fminer tests passChristoph Helma
2015-08-10transfer to new git project startedChristoph Helma
2015-08-07initial k-nn weighted average implementationChristoph Helma
2015-08-0150 times faster bbrc setup by eliminating @fminer.add_fminer_dataChristoph Helma
2015-07-31descriptor tests workingChristoph Helma
2015-07-27reasonable query performace for data_entriesChristoph Helma
2015-07-22mongo batch import workaroundChristoph Helma
2015-07-19lazar predictions working in principleChristoph Helma
2015-07-18dataset tests passChristoph Helma
2013-03-26code cleanup and refactoring.Christoph Helma
2012-02-08toxbank-investigation compatible versionChristoph Helma
2011-08-16initial minimal versionChristoph Helma
2011-05-27predicted variable and confidence can now be derieved from model, adjust feat...mguetlein
2011-05-19Merge branch 'reach_balanced' into developmentAndreas Maunz
2011-05-11Further Martin patchAndreas Maunz
2011-05-06read acceptValue from ambit datasets, set acceptValue when create dataset fro...mguetlein
2011-04-04OT.isA substituted by RDF.type, identification of feature_types by RDF.typeChristoph Helma
2011-03-16doc for Feature.find, load_features in feature_typeChristoph Helma
2011-02-14read from subjectcookie, fix read feature_typemguetlein
2011-01-28extend whitelisting, get feature_type from algorithmmguetlein
2011-01-25merged michas GET authorizationmguetlein
2011-01-13find methods for algorithm and model, split method for dataset, feature_type ...mguetlein
2011-01-05Authorization for GET requestsmr
2010-11-19lazar predictions for toxcreate workingChristoph Helma
2010-11-11first steps towards version 2.0, yard documentation started, passes compound,...Christoph Helma
2010-10-22new API with support for external services (initial version)Christoph Helma
2009-11-23RDF support addedChristoph Helma
2009-10-06Passes tests in opentox-testChristoph Helma