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2018-09-06adjusted classification similarities, dataset sdf
2016-10-03initial model creation testsChristoph Helma
2016-04-14features/toxicities fixedChristoph Helma
2016-04-07initial ambit importChristoph Helma
2015-09-17neighbor calculation moved to Compound classChristoph Helma
2015-08-26Parallel CrossvalidationsChristoph Helma
2015-08-25Experiments addedChristoph Helma
2015-07-22mongo batch import workaroundChristoph Helma
2015-07-19lazar predictions working in principleChristoph Helma
2015-07-18initial algorithm changesChristoph Helma
2015-07-18dataset tests passChristoph Helma
2015-07-16task tests passedChristoph Helma
2015-07-16feature tests for standalone versionChristoph Helma
2015-07-12initial dataset testsch
2015-07-08feature, error and task (almost) workingch
2014-11-05fixed metadata call for find_or_create, flatten arrays in object; ensure righ...gebele
2013-11-14update metadata handling for rdf parsing to ntriples;e.g. edit a modelgebele
2013-08-06move policy management to opentox-serverrautenberg
2013-07-26remove even more subjectidsrautenberg
2013-07-17uri objects fixed in ntriples serialsiationChristoph Helma
2013-07-16subjectid handled by RestClientWrapperChristoph Helma
2013-07-12value type identification/conversion fixedChristoph Helma
2013-07-10descriptor-long test fixedChristoph Helma
2013-07-10subjectids partially removedChristoph Helma
2013-07-04descriptor calculation fixedChristoph Helma
2013-07-02Algorithms and Models are modules instead of classes.Christoph Helma
2013-06-19Merge branch 'development' of into developmentChristoph Helma
2013-06-18ot-objects api uri as triple object value must be RDF::URIgebele
2013-06-12add subjectid to delete methodgebele
2013-06-10Merge branch 'development' of into developmentChristoph Helma
2013-06-07use subclass to get all predicates in turtle outputgebele
2013-06-06commenting to_turtle and to_htmlMartin Gütlein
2013-06-05Merge branch 'development' of into developmentChristoph Helma
2013-06-05rdf serialisation of modified objects fixed. DC.modified removed.Christoph Helma
2013-06-05Merge branch 'development' of into developmentgebele
2013-06-05simplify RDF::Writer methodgebele
2013-06-03Merge branch 'development' of into developmentChristoph Helma
2013-06-03make yard documentation full yard compatiblerautenberg
2013-05-29Merge branch 'development' of into developmentChristoph Helma
2013-05-29modification date inserted at client to improve performanceChristoph Helma
2013-05-15check rdf befor buildgebele
2013-05-10changed rdf reader/writergebele
2013-05-02fix AA issuesrautenberg
2013-04-26remove policy check might not be the right onerautenberg
2013-04-25add basic AArautenberg
2013-04-16Update opentox.rbMartin Gütlein
2013-03-27validation tests okChristoph Helma
2013-03-26code cleanup and refactoring.Christoph Helma