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2017-08-09deleted obsolete filesHEADmastergebele
2017-08-09remerged from eNM project to opentoxgebele
2017-07-03Merge branch 'master' of
2017-07-03added DOIgebele
2017-01-18fixed gemspec licensegebele
2017-01-18removed x similaritygebele
2017-01-18refined dbhitgebele
2017-01-17enable multiple coating;better way for dbhitgebele
2017-01-16added version to mailto subjectgebele
2017-01-16added version to mailto subjectgebele
2017-01-16adjusted possible input by coregebele
2017-01-13update for version 1.0.0; added fingerprint model and predictiongebele
2016-11-10version bump;units;general class update;sort bygebele
2016-10-31updated README; added service commands for the gemgebele
2016-10-31removed obsolete filesgebele
2016-10-31removed obsolete codegebele
2016-10-12stage save for transmissiongebele
2016-09-23added physchem descriptors link to bioportal bioontologygebele
2016-09-23example selection by training dataset and relevant features;added links for c...gebele
2016-09-23stage commit before tablesorter theme fix; deactivated coating input; added u...gebele
2016-09-22select list core; sorted pcpgebele
2016-09-22added Aggebele
2016-09-20changed for two model selectiongebele
2016-06-10added version and share buttonsgebele
2016-06-10bumped versiongebele
2016-05-04added license to GUIgebele
2016-05-04harmonized headergebele
2016-05-04harmonized headergebele
2016-02-08GPL3 license addedChristoph Helma
2016-02-08GPL3 license addedChristoph Helma
2016-02-03Merge branch 'master' of Helma
2016-02-03106 typo fixedChristoph Helma
2016-02-03changed ambit urigebele
2016-02-03Google Analytics are added see:
2016-02-02uris fixedChristoph Helma
2016-02-02Merge branch 'master' of Helma
2016-02-02final adjustments, issue tracker linkgebele
2016-02-01top scroll, tox colum changes, added ID linksgebele
2016-02-01workshop presentation improvedChristoph Helma
2016-02-01moved presentation to public foldergebele
2016-02-01cleaned up files. added presentationgebele
2016-02-01updated with latest/master nano-lazar reositorygebele
2016-02-01changed theme for cross browser compatibility (FF, Chrome, IE, Safari). added...gebele
2016-01-31updated layout. works with FF,Chromegebele
2016-01-29removed sticky headers through cross browser problems. init overflow to scrol...gebele
2016-01-29combined layout, sorted descriptorsgebele
2016-01-29internal calculation of difference featurespredictionChristoph Helma
2016-01-28restyled prediction tablegebele
2016-01-26enable sticky table headers for matchgebele
2016-01-23fixed view if no valuegebele