BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
developmentremove HTTP Basic Authentication credentials passed in URL in error messagesrautenberg7 years
masterMerge branch 'release/v0.0.3'rautenberg11 years
mongodbcustomized prediction algorithms implementedChristoph Helma7 years
toxbankremove subjectid and connection credentials from error messageMicha Rautenberg7 years
tb2.5.0commit b04afdac0e...gebele7 years
tb2.4.1commit 1070a35db8...gebele7 years
tb2.4.0commit 4dddb1e7a8...gebele8 years
tb2.3.0commit 15e3ed72b5...gebele8 years
tb2.1.0commit 24a37b79be...gebele9 years
tb2.0.0commit b399e6c349...rautenberg9 years
v2.1.-lastcommit cf146574d8...rautenberg10 years
v1.0.0pre1commit 65538d053f...Christoph Helma10 years
v0.0.3commit d6f9c38c44...rautenberg11 years
v0.0.2precommit e55a25e9fb...Christoph Helma11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-10-24AA fix fix fix :(tb2.3.0rautenberg
2014-10-24Powerful you have become Dooku, the dark side I sense in you. AA fix fix.Micha Rautenberg
2014-10-21do not force quotes when exporting csvmguetlein
2014-10-21fix disabling AAmguetlein
2014-10-21ensure to load compound when determening compound indices in datasetmguetlein
2014-10-10log post requestsmguetlein
2014-10-10log error-report as yaml to prevent printing some un-needed linesmguetlein
2014-10-10extend to_csv for inchi export, do not cache compound_index mapping (to preve...mguetlein
2014-10-10fix error msgmguetlein
2014-10-07provide list of descriptor names in clientmguetlein