AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-10-24AA fix fix fix :(tb2.3.0rautenberg
2014-10-24Powerful you have become Dooku, the dark side I sense in you. AA fix fix.Micha Rautenberg
2014-10-21do not force quotes when exporting csvmguetlein
2014-10-21fix disabling AAmguetlein
2014-10-21ensure to load compound when determening compound indices in datasetmguetlein
2014-10-10log post requestsmguetlein
2014-10-10log error-report as yaml to prevent printing some un-needed linesmguetlein
2014-10-10extend to_csv for inchi export, do not cache compound_index mapping (to preve...mguetlein
2014-10-10fix error msgmguetlein
2014-10-07provide list of descriptor names in clientmguetlein
2014-10-06fix: code from task has to be fetched via get (this did only work before beca...mguetlein
2014-10-06fix split method for datasets with missing valuesmguetlein
2014-07-09set default ssl verification to false to allow self signed certificatesrautenberg
2014-06-10update to ruby 2.0.0-p481 to solve openssl wheezy issueMicha Rautenberg
2014-05-30Merge branch 'development' of into developmenttb2.1.0gebele
2014-05-30increased timeout for RestClientWrappergebele
2014-02-25add .yardopts, mv README.markdown to README.mdtb2.0.0rautenberg
2014-02-25add .yardopts, mv README.markdown to README.mdrautenberg
2014-02-25test webhook for rubydocrautenberg
2014-02-25test webhook for rubydocrautenberg
2014-02-25Update yard documentationorautenberg
2014-02-25Update yard documentation, set link to RubyDoc.inforautenberg
2014-01-07fix mime_type for files with spacesrautenberg
2013-11-14update metadata handling for rdf parsing to ntriples;e.g. edit a modelgebele
2013-11-14try to improve rdf writer method/add commentgebele
2013-10-17temp fix for: bundle install fails with ssl certificate verification err (see...rautenberg
2013-08-16fix error handling when non-ot-errors are returned (like e.g. from the 4store)mguetlein
2013-08-09add find for modelmguetlein
2013-08-09do not convert error message via 'inspect', this creates 'nil' strings and es...mguetlein
2013-08-09allow error messages to be nilmguetlein
2013-08-08error handling rewrite: making sure to pass backtracemguetlein
2013-08-07Updated ruby to 2.0.0-p247davor
2013-08-06move policy management to opentox-serverrautenberg
2013-07-27fix AA entry testrautenberg
2013-07-26fix errorrautenberg
2013-07-26remove even more subjectidsrautenberg
2013-07-26remove some more subjectidsrautenberg
2013-07-26remove some more subjectidsrautenberg
2013-07-26remove some subjectidsrautenberg
2013-07-24Fixed RDF parser problem.davor
2013-07-23Fixed RDF parser problem in to_ntriples.davor
2013-07-17uri objects fixed in ntriples serialsiationChristoph Helma
2013-07-17dataset ntriples serialisation fixed and activatedChristoph Helma
2013-07-16comments removedChristoph Helma
2013-07-16subjectid handled by RestClientWrapperChristoph Helma
2013-07-15add .opentox/config/opentox-clint.rb to install scriptrautenberg
2013-07-12value type identification/conversion fixedChristoph Helma
2013-07-10descriptor-long test fixedChristoph Helma
2013-07-10subjectids partially removedChristoph Helma
2013-07-04Algorithm::Generic and Model::Generic classes.Christoph Helma