path: root/lib/authorization.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-03-30fix request comparisonrautenberg
2012-03-29fix logout errorrautenberg
2012-03-28aa to new configrautenberg
2012-03-22retry opensso if connection fails (1x) log error if fails twicerautenberg
2012-03-21change RestClient methods to RestClientWrapper, remove list_groups methodrautenberg
2012-03-21authorization added, tests not yet workingChristoph Helma
2012-02-19task handling fixed for http codes > 202Christoph Helma
2012-02-08toxbank-investigation compatible versionChristoph Helma
2011-08-16initial minimal versionChristoph Helma
2011-05-16remove internal administrative LDAP groupsmr
2011-05-13catch nil error if delete with subjectid but without AA_SERVER is calledmguetlein
2011-04-21subjectids for load_metadata in algorithm.rb and list_policies_uris changes
2011-02-13more debug out when authentication failsmguetlein
2011-02-10merged with michas versionmguetlein
2011-02-09minor fixmr
2011-02-08manually insert code from mguetlein repository |
2011-02-02resclient wrapper: headers <-> payload, error report from rdfmguetlein
2011-02-01A&A for validationsmr
2011-01-28reorderd Autohorizaion.authorize?mguetlein
2011-01-28extend whitelisting, get feature_type from algorithmmguetlein
2011-01-26minor fixmguetlein
2011-01-26documented new autorization functionmguetlein
2011-01-26add whitlisting concept for A&A, some minor modificationsmguetlein
2011-01-25merged michas GET authorizationmguetlein
2011-01-19extend authorization and rdf serialization for validationmguetlein
2011-01-18refactoring A&Amr
2010-12-14rename token_id to subjectidmr
2010-12-06insert basic a&a libs to development branchmr
2010-09-02old user authentification removedChristoph Helma
2010-02-23some test issues resolvedChristoph Helma
2010-02-03change Basic realm text for http authenticationmr
2010-01-26set 'Basic realm' to Opentox Ruby API Wrapper Authmr
2010-01-25internal authorization with first user of users.yamlmr
2010-01-19move authorization to branch testmr