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diff --git a/docker/Dockerfile b/docker/Dockerfile
index 34c99f7..b5bd07e 100644
--- a/docker/Dockerfile
+++ b/docker/Dockerfile
@@ -58,6 +58,7 @@ RUN gem install lazar-gui
# change owners (temporary workaround)
RUN chown ist `ls -d $(gem environment gemdir)/gems/lazar-gui-*`/public
RUN chown ist `ls -d $(gem environment gemdir)/gems/lazar-gui-*`/tmp
+RUN chown ist `ls -d $(gem environment gemdir)/gems/lazar-gui-*`/api
RUN chown ist `ls -d $(gem environment gemdir)/gems/lazar-gui-*`/api/api.json
USER ist
diff --git a/docker/ b/docker/
index e223878..ec7ea0e 100755
--- a/docker/
+++ b/docker/
@@ -5,7 +5,11 @@ mongod --bind_ip --dbpath ~/data &
R CMD Rserve --vanilla &
# import data
+echo "Importing data and validating models"
ruby -e "require 'lazar'; include OpenTox; Import.public_data if Model::Validation.all.empty?"
+# get PubChem cids in advance to avoid timeout issues
+echo "Importing PubChem CID's"
+ruby -e "require 'lazar'; include OpenTox; Compound.all.each{|c| c.cid}"
# start lazar service
cd `ls -d $(gem environment gemdir)/gems/lazar-gui-*`