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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-16repeated crossvalidations, improved experiment reportsChristoph Helma
2015-08-10transfer to new git project startedChristoph Helma
2015-07-16task tests passedChristoph Helma
2015-07-08feature, error and task (almost) workingch
2014-10-10log error-report as yaml to prevent printing some un-needed linesmguetlein
2013-08-09do not convert error message via 'inspect', this creates 'nil' strings and es...mguetlein
2013-08-09allow error messages to be nilmguetlein
2013-08-08error handling rewrite: making sure to pass backtracemguetlein
2013-05-10changed rdf reader/writergebele
2013-03-26code cleanup and refactoring.Christoph Helma
2013-02-21OpenTox error handling removed from NoMethodErrorChristoph Helma
2013-02-21OpenTox error handling for NoMethodErrorChristoph Helma
2013-02-15error messages in tasks fixedChristoph Helma
2012-08-02error handling improvedChristoph Helma
2012-08-01task error handling improvedChristoph Helma
2012-07-18dataset-large tests passChristoph Helma
2012-07-18rest call error handling fixedChristoph Helma
2012-07-12all opentox-client tests passChristoph Helma
2012-05-04ntriples as default format, rdfxml as fallbackChristoph Helma
2012-05-02initial task serviceChristoph Helma
2012-03-29RestClientWrapper follows redirectsChristoph Helma
2012-03-19libraptor1-dev dependency addedChristoph Helma
2012-03-13short backtrace for errorDetailsChristoph Helma
2012-03-12actor uri addedChristoph Helma
2012-03-08TODO reminderChristoph Helma
2012-03-08improved integration of error reports, call stack added as errorDetailsChristoph Helma
2012-03-07error and dataset tests added, wait_for_task moved to URI.to_objectChristoph Helma
2012-03-07fixed stdout, stderr in overwritten backtick operator, error report in turtleChristoph Helma
2012-03-07actor for error reports, turtle output for error reportsChristoph Helma
2012-03-06backtick operator overwrite to catch system call errorsChristoph Helma
2012-03-02additional OpenTox errors, *_error methods in rest-client-wrapperChristoph Helma
2012-03-02error report fixed for old task servicesChristoph Helma
2012-02-29duplicated error logs not yet solvedChristoph Helma
2012-02-29TaskError implemented, logging still partially redundantChristoph Helma
2012-02-29logging in error.rb, dynamic class methods in rest-client-wrapper.rbChristoph Helma
2012-02-28generic rest-client calls ignoring http errors from task servicesChristoph Helma
2012-02-20task catches and reports errors (some dataset tests still fail)Christoph Helma
2012-02-19task handling fixed for http codes > 202Christoph Helma
2012-02-15tests fixed for new task apiChristoph Helma
2012-02-08toxbank-investigation compatible versionChristoph Helma
2011-08-16initial minimal versionChristoph Helma
2011-04-04OT.isA substituted by RDF.type, identification of feature_types by RDF.typeChristoph Helma
2011-02-09fix rdf parsing to work with ambit dataset service with a&a, minor changesmguetlein
2011-02-02resclient wrapper: headers <-> payload, error report from rdfmguetlein
2011-01-26add whitlisting concept for A&A, some minor modificationsmguetlein
2011-01-25add backtrace to error if configured in .yaml configmguetlein
2011-01-24fix task to rdfmguetlein
2011-01-24fix error handlingmguetlein
2011-01-21simplify error handling once again, and adding http codemguetlein
2011-01-20implemented new error handling, still TODO rdf-support, replace haltsmguetlein