BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ORNupdate mergegebele2 years
batchadd license, faq and qmrfgebele3 years
developmentswagger removedChristoph Helma18 months
masterarchlinux-keyring updated in DockerfileChristoph Helma3 months
mongodbMerge branch 'mongodb' of into mongodbgebele5 years
nestecMerge branch 'github-nestec' into nestecgebele18 months
nestle-lazar-main-dg2added dockergebele17 months
nestle-new-consensus-mutagenicity-dg3added dockergebele17 months
prereleasedocker installation as gem, links with port numbers, version 1.4.0Christoph Helma18 months
triple_data_entriesgem prerelease version 1.4.0.pre.0.gemChristoph Helma18 months
v10-nestle-new-consensus-mutagenicity-dg3commit 38724c6b36...gebele17 months
v10-nestle-lazar-main-dg2commit cf80891415...gebele17 months
v10-nesteccommit a240b35929...gebele18 months
1.4.2commit 4412931650...Christoph Helma18 months
1.4.1commit bd4f62492f...Christoph Helma18 months
1.4.0commit d1032e4f40...Christoph Helma18 months
v1.3.1commit 409c8a5a35...gebele3 years
v1.1.3commit 2f881ce99d...gebele4 years
1.1.1commit 1106dbf486...gebele4 years
v9-nesteccommit c5ca09fb03...gebele4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-08-29gem prerelease version 1.4.0.pre.0.gemtriple_data_entriesChristoph Helma
2019-08-16change hostname methodgebele
2019-08-09do not delete batch tr_dataset if one of model tr_dataset;error message if da...gebele
2019-08-08ensure dataset parser errors not hidden in a task; check upload by first head...gebele
2019-08-06start render task after file processing is finishedgebele
2019-08-05unset and delete js vargebele
2019-08-05ensure xhr requests are https to avoid mixed content issue in browsersgebele
2019-08-02optimize upload task with wait for dataset idgebele
2019-08-02refresh batch dataset in task wait loopgebele
2019-08-01introduce task for upload and parse to datasetgebele